The Middle Line Is The Creator’s Patent

232.06The middle line is the Creator’s patent, a divine invention. Indeed, two forces of nature are combined in the middle line—positive and negative, bestowal and reception, love and hate, rejection and attraction—everything that exists in reality, both in the upper world of bestowal and in the lower world of receiving.

In this connection, they do not cancel each other but try to complement each other, which would seem impossible. After all, how can fire and water, hatred and love, connect, how can two opposites live and exist together in the middle line so that there will not be anything unnecessary in the universe? How was it possible to create such a perfect picture where it is impossible to remove or add a single detail?

We, in our world, do not understand this. People always want to destroy all the bad and have only good in their lives. But this is not the right approach.

Kabbalah is called the hidden wisdom because it teaches how to combine all the opposites in nature. One does not suppress the other, but through their combination, integration, they understand that they cannot exist without each other and that only by their right combination is perfection achieved.

Humanity is looking for all possible forms and methods of existence to achieve peace. This is not easy to do even between two people. Peace and perfection are the prerogative of the Creator and what man lacks.

The Creator created us with an evil inclination and gave us a little bit of good so that we would look for how to combine all this. And when we finally despair from the impossibility of combining these two opposites, we gradually begin to realize that a third force is missing. We do not need to cancel one of the forces as politicians and other people try to do, each in their own egoism.

If we develop correctly, we will see that there is nothing bad or good in the world. It is only necessary to bring good and evil together, and in their correct combination, we will discover the third state, perfection, woven from both of them.

That is why it is said, “Man and woman, if they are rewarded, the Shechina is between them.” Man and woman are two opposites, like fire and water. But perfection is possible when the Shechina, the presence of the Creator, is revealed between them.

The Creator is the third line, which is revealed precisely when trying to work correctly with two opposite lines. Bestowal without reception and reception without bestowal cannot exist. The correct connection between them is the wisdom of Kabbalah because this connection builds a spiritual vessel for receiving the light where there is a depth of desire and Holiness—everything necessary for the revelation of the third line, the Creator.

The middle line is the revelation of the Creator. It begins with Keter, which is higher than all the Sefirot, higher than creation. Then it continues in Sefira Daat, created by the connection of Hochma and Bina in the Sefira of Jacob. Then, in the connection of Hesed and Gevura, in Sefira Tifferet, which will be the middle line in the body. It ends at the end of the Partzuf, in the connection of Netzach and Hod—Sefira Yesod.

So we must each, within oneself and within the ten, find, clarify, and build this middle line in which we will reveal the Creator. Everyone should be both above and below everyone. That is, one becomes flexible in relation to one’s friends, ready to do anything to lead to global connection.

As a result, we become so flexible that we only think about how to support and strengthen our friends, and feel how the group is being shaped more and more correctly thanks to my efforts. Everyone who cares so much about the group builds himself as a middle line, directs himself exactly at the Creator, and reveals Him within himself.

But he came to the middle line precisely because he wanted to join the group, support it, and correctly perceive all its positive and negative states. These opposites should not create a short circuit and should not move infinitely away from each other, but they should be so close that the middle line system is built between them.

The middle line does not exist in nature; it must be constructed by us, as it is said: “You Have Made Me.”

Coming closer to the middle line begins when I realize that I am nothing without the friends and the group. When I come to the lesson preparation, I feel dead, empty, without feelings, unprepared. But when I hear my friends talking, waking each other up, I wake up too. It is through their awakening that I am reborn.

This is how my “day” begins, and I become more and more ready to meet the ten and the Creator within it. This is what practical Kabbalah consists of, building a middle line, a common place between us. And in this common area, we discover all our opposite qualities and states that the Creator has sent down to us from above and build a spiritual vessel from them in which we reveal Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/6/20, “Middle Line”

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