Two Faces Of Egoism

543.02Zohar for All, VaYetze, items 23-24: The female of SAM is called “a serpent,” “a woman of harlotry,” “the end of all flesh,” and “the end of days.”

She clings to the Ruach of the male and adorns herself with many ornaments like a loathsome whore who stands at the beginnings of roads and ways to seduce people.

This teaches that she needs only those who begin to walk on the path of God, who might fall into her trap.

This is about our egoism, about our desire, which snags for itself temporary small pleasures and sees them as a goal. That is, we must give our body the normal physiological fillings in order for it to exist.

We do give them to it in the measure necessary for it. Just as, for example, you must first feed a horse and then use it. It is the same here, you must give the body some filling so that it can then work and exist normally physically. Then it is not considered something bad because it is necessary. Therefore, Kabbalah says that a person should first think about this, as it is written, “If there is no bread, there is no Torah.”

If you treat your egoism, not like an engine that should drive you forward, and you sit on it like a rider and control it, but like a donkey that controls you, then it is bad.

Then this egoism becomes like a whore, who is just waiting to snatch more from this world, and maybe even from the spiritual world. She tries to use all the aspirations, all the desires, all the thoughts of a person in order to live life in such a way that one receives fulfillment and immediately feels empty again.

We know that nothing is eternal, everything is always fleeting, and in the end, it brings only emptiness. Therefore, the sources say that there is a faithful wife, a faithful comrade-in-arms, with whom you go forward; that is, you are correctly working with egoism when it helps you, is faithful to you on the path in reaching the goal.

And there is a harlot who just wants to profit from you, snatch for herself, she does not care at all who you are, what you are, what goals you have, she is not walking together with you toward the goal. She is with you in order to snatch, drink away, sell, gamble away, and come back to someone else again, that is, to your next desire.

Naturally, a person consists of all desires, all intentions, and all possibilities. Therefore, he must guard himself so that this “harlot,” that is, his attitude to life does not cross the boundaries of the necessary things and does not lead him to be engaged in absolutely alien, temporary goals, fulfillments, and to burn out his life in this way.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #15

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