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To Love What The Creator Loves

527.03If we want to make our desire similar to the Creator, then we evaluate everything only according to one principle: everything that is for our own sake we hate and everything that is for the sake of bestowal we love.

Only in this light do we see the whole reality and not different colors and sounds. We do not care if they are pleasant or unpleasant, but what matters is whether it is bestowal or reception.

If it is bestowal, then it is loved and attractive, and if it is reception, then it is hated and repulsive. And only in this form will I move from the screen on which I see this world to the screen of the upper world and begin to see reality in its true, correct form.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/4/21, “My Spirituality Is Revealed Outside of Me,” Lesson 1

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From Ten To One

944I am very happy with the beginning of the congress From Ten to One because this is really the only thing left for us: to rise to the first spiritual degree. All spiritual degrees are based on the fact that from ten we come to one, and again from ten to one at a higher degree. This is the ascent from degree to degree.

Spiritual ascent is based on connection between people, which is the correction and reconstruction of the broken spiritual vessel, the correct connection in our common soul, Adam HaRishon. The Creator created this soul and then broke it; He gave it to us to restore it so that it would become one again: from ten to one or from many tens to one until we return to one whole.

Let us hope that we will be awarded with achieving such a high development when we begin to feel this unity between us, which is called “One.” And in it, we will feel the Creator, the single force that created the whole basis for us as a Kli, giving our desire the same qualities as its filling, the Creator.

According to our preparation, we are very close to such a revelation, and we have no other goal, only this. After all, we see how much the whole world will need it if not today, then tomorrow. And we will need to show them the way.

We are the pioneers of the process of correction, so let’s go one step further. I hope that this step will already be a practical revelation of the Creator within our connection, according to the equivalence of our properties. As the Creator is a giver, so we in our mutual relationship to each other will achieve a complete bestowal within which, according to the law of equivalence of form, the Creator will be able to reveal Himself.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/4/21, “My Spirituality Is Revealed Outside of Me,” Lesson 1

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How Do We Protect Our Children

586Question: The International Day for Protection of Children has been held since 1925 “in order to draw the attention of adults to the observance of children’s rights, education, protection from violence, and the right for life.”

What does it mean to you to protect children?

Answer: First of all, from parents. So that parents understand how to raise them. I also knew very little about it, although they tried to instill it all in me. I can feel how insufficient it is. How can you make a young couple who knows nothing and does not understand anything into people who know and understand everything when they have a child?

This is a big problem. This is where we really have to do something with ourselves. Otherwise, our society, our humanity, will remain as miserable as it looks now.

Parents need to know how to make a person out of this baby. First, you need to understand from the very first day what you want to give him, what he needs, and what he wants from you. This is a nonverbal connection—mental, spiritual, neural. The one that should be between the couple and the newborn.

And then you need to give parents the necessary education, the nurturing they need to bring them up correctly. Everything that is necessary for two people who have a baby in their arms.

Question: So it is actually a whole science to be a parent?

Answer: Of course! And we do not prepare people for this. Therefore, we cannot say that we see among our babies, children, teenagers, girls, and boys as they grow, the people we could potentially see.

It is all our fault. And then we start blaming them, scolding them, demanding from them, pushing them. This is not the way to do it. Then it is too late.

We also need to make relations in the family, at school, on the street, everywhere a little closer. A child should not feel that these are completely opposite different societies. It should all be homogeneous. Here it is necessary to change society as well.

Comment: This is already the “Day of a Unified Society” and not the “Day for Protection of Children.”

My Response: This is the protection of children. From society.

This is actually our job, because otherwise our education will lead us to disaster. Everything you see in adults is everything done at an age when they were maybe a few months old or a few years old at most.

International Day for Protection of Children is a good day if we agree to create an atmosphere for them, an environment, that supports them and correctly formats them, turns them into a person, a good person, a kind, caring, and helpful person, a person who wants to help and accepts help from others.

There should just be an even kind attitude toward everyone.

Question: And this is the merit of parents and society only?

Answer: Yes. And then we will be able to see how everything really changes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/27/21

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“Would A New Government Mean A Profound Shift For Israel?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Would a new government mean a profound shift for Israel?

A profound shift for Israel would mean remedying the tensions and divisions in Israeli society, which have been getting out of hand recently, and I doubt that the new government is capable of impacting such a shift.

The new government is an assemblage of politicians who each pull in their own direction, and who are unwilling to make the necessary concessions for the sake of uniting Israeli society. They have formed their current bond against a common foe. After they get their way for now, we can expect them to each soon return to pursuing their individual interests instead of setting them aside in favor of unity.

However, while the new government cannot be expected to bring about a profound shift for Israel, we would be wise to view Israel’s current turbulence as a timely situation that can serve to change our outlook on Israel and its future.

We, the people of Israel, have but a single virtue on which our success or failure depends. It is our unity. If we calibrate ourselves to unite above our divisions and tensions, then we set foot on a positive path of development. By aiming at positively connecting to each other above our deepening rifts, we awaken the support of a positive unifying force dwelling in nature to hold that unity together. Without any unifying inclination among each other, then we also get no support for unity, and our ties then loosen and break.

Moreover, our path to unity is not contingent on the government and politics, and should not be viewed as such. Rather, unity should emerge from the people. It requires recognizing the basis for our divisions: that our very nature is egoistic, i.e. we each seek to benefit ourselves at the expense of others, and instead of letting this ego lead us into conflicts and other outbursts, we would be wise to look deeper into why we always encounter crises, and why we never seem to overcome our divisions.

Also, if we haven’t already, then we need to wake up to the world’s attitude toward us. On one hand, we supply the world with much innovation by way of technology, medicine and science. But on the other hand, the attitude toward us becomes increasingly negative and hateful. The more divided we become, the more the world frowns upon us, and it is not far-fetched to think that it could lead to our isolation.

The gray clouds forming over us are in order to make us realize that we will have no other option but to unite. Any motion we make in the direction of our unity, even if it is a single thought of our need to unite, will act positively toward such an end. While negative emotions are ablaze toward us and between us, we should view this situation as the chance of a lifetime: that times of change are upon us, and if we want that change to be positive, we should take the initiative to start implementing relations of unity above division using the method of connection that was made for uniting us and leading us to a harmonious existence.

Based on a meeting with a team of writers and Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on June 3, 2021.
Written/edited by Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.
Photo by Rafael Nir on Unsplash.

From The Land Of Canaan To The Land Of Israel

747.01Question: Before the land of Israel was called Eretz Israel (“Eretz” from the word “Ratzon,” desire; “Israel,” “Yashar Kel,” straight to the Creator), it was called Canaan, from the word “Ahnaa,” to belittle oneself. What exactly does a person belittle?

Answer: Belittling is a preliminary quality that must be present on this earth, in this desire. In order for the desire to become directed toward bestowal, love, and connection, it must go through the state of Ahnaa, the suppression of its egoism.

The preliminary stage of the suppression of egoism, its preparation for higher altruistic actions is called Ahnaa or Canaan.

Before a person enters the Land of Israel, he must lower his egoism. Therefore, at first, this piece of land was called Canaan and then it became known as the Land of Israel.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states” 5/21/21

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New Life 1307 – Why It Is Difficult For Men And Women To Communicate

New Life 1307 – Why It Is Difficult For Men And Women To Communicate
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

A woman is usually more warm and emotional and a man is more practical. A woman is made of different forms: she is 25% mother, 25% little girl, 25% woman and 25% man. A man does not give birth and so he doesn’t change. He is a reserved, limited creature. Complementation is built on the feeling that each side wants to connect with the other because they see a real gain in life as a result of the connection. A couple should get used to speaking about everything and expressing what they feel with words. We need to learn to connect to each other carefully and gently, to gradually open our hearts and develop love between us until we finally merge correctly as two opposites and feel as one body.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1307 – Why It Is Difficult For Men And Women To Communicate,” 5/23/21

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The Name Of The Creator

545Question: When do I reveal the name of the Creator, during a descent or during an ascent?

Answer: Every state I am in is made of a desire to receive and the light that fills it.

Their coupling, i.e., the vessel filled with the light, is called the name of the Creator.

The name of the Creator is a state I attain and I call the Creator by a certain name according to that state. The fact is, He always remains Atzmuto, He Himself.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/24/19

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Correction Under The Influence Of External Forces

615.1Question: If the time has come, and at this stage of development, all of humanity should be connected in sensation, for example, at level “38,” and they are connected at level “36,” then are these two missing steps activated and some external force begins to correct?

Answer: If we do not work inside ourselves enough at the level of sensation, then external forces are activated that carry out this work, although, of course, it is of poor quality, since it is performed without our desire, and not at our behest, at our will.

Therefore, we will have to go through a very long period of suffering, realizing their meaning, and correcting them. This is a very bad, long journey.

And if we understood and knew how we should act in order to get closer to each other, then any small negative impulse from nature would push us and do all our work.

Question: That is, at the level of forces and intentions, correction can take place in a split second, and if this already manifests itself in the matter of our world, then it can drag on for years, hundreds and even thousands of years?

Answer: Yes, this is what we see in history.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/14/21

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To Reveal Not The Creator, But His Greatness

292Question: Suppose, someone gave me a cup of coffee and naturally I can enjoy it to a certain extent. But if I could somehow magnify in my own eyes the one who gave it to me, then could the pleasure be endless?

Answer: Depending on who gave it to you. It could be either an English queen, or some great sage, or some man of art. It depends on what you appreciate.

Question: And if I do not appreciate that queen?

Answer: Then it would be just a cup of coffee to you.

Question: And how does it happen with the Creator?

Answer: It is the same with the Creator. It depends on how you demand from Him, whether bestowing to Him is a reward for you. In that case, even if you do not want to receive but only to bestow upon Him, it will already be a pleasure for you.

Question: But how can you magnify Him?

Answer: If you want the Creator to be important to you, you must ask Him to reveal to you not Himself, but His greatness, because if He reveals Himself, you will enjoy the fact that the Creator is already in front of me, that He has come to me.

But if you begin to seek Him in order to be able to bestow upon Him, then you will only ask Him for the importance of His property of bestowal and love, and not Himself.

Question: Even if I do not know who He is?

Answer: You do not have to know. You will even be afraid of Him revealing Himself because it will immediately enslave you and you will not be able to get away from it. Therefore, you have to ask not that He Himself will be revealed, but His importance.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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