The Greatness Of The Giver

610.1Question: The basis of the spiritual world is the importance that we ascribe to it. It is written in the sources that there is only a gram of light and a gram of desire, and everything else is determined by the way we treat this, what importance we give to certain phenomena. How does this happen?

Answer: We are accustomed to the fact that in our world, desires and fulfillments have some kind of standard of proportional measurement: meters, cubic meters, parsecs, distances, tons, etc.

However, in the spiritual world, there are no material dimensions. Everything there is measured only sensorially, by the relationship of one to the other. Therefore, if I care about a gram of some material that may be more precious to me than the entire universe and my entire life because, let’s say, this gram is the beginning of a new life, then I treat it as something that fills the entire universe. To me, it is greater than anything else. This measures the spiritual value of an object.

In other words, a spiritual object has no geometric or metric dimension, and is determined only by the size of my attitude, my attention, and the greatness of the object in my eyes. These are purely subjective measurements.

Question: In principle, does a person who is in spiritual attainment or a Kabbalist enjoy not from what the Creator gives him, but from the importance of the Creator in his eyes?

Answer: He does not feel what the Creator gives him. He feels only to the extent of the greatness of what the Creator gives to him.

Question: Let’s take an example from our world. Let’s say that a cup of coffee is also from this unified force. I can just have coffee. But if some important person made it for me, I will naturally be fulfilled not only with the drink, but also with the importance of this person, how great he is in my eyes and in the eyes of the society. Is that how it works?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: But still, there must be some kind of material.

My Response: There must be material in our world. That is why we start from the corporeal world, which is created so that we can move from it to other, more abstract categories.

Question: Does it mean that I should treat all the pleasures of this world in the following way: This is given to me by the Creator, and the only thing I lack is the importance of the one who gives this to me?

Answer: Yes, but when I begin to develop importance for the one from whom I receive, and to me it is more than the importance of the received object, then I move to other dimensions.

That is, the object itself no longer matters in my eyes. The only thing that matters is the importance of the one who gave it to me. Then I pass from the sensations of our corporeal world to the dimensions and sensations of the upper world: I received this from the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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