What Is Greatness Of The Creator?

934First of all, I must try to feel that there is nothing before me except for this force that is arranging every moment of my life.

It can awaken me in opposite ways, make me feel how disconnected I am from it and from the ten, and draw me away with the cheap temptations of this world. However, I depict this upper force behind everything that is happening, and I am always looking for connections with it, regardless of all the disturbances.

The greater the disturbances  behind which I reveal the Creator, the more important the Creator becomes to me. The disturbances help me make more effort in order to detect the Creator, as if I am adjusting the focus with a lens and bringing the Creator closer to me. The greater the disturbance, the more blurry the image, and the more effort it takes to detect that the Creator is doing it.

It turns out that the Creator fills my world more and more because I see that He plays with me everywhere and confuses me increasingly more skillfully until the entire earth is filled with His glory.

Working together with the friends, we build a lens, in the focus of which, at its central point, we reveal the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/22/21, “Breaking the Barriers to Spirituality”

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