The Breakthrough

232.1There is a certain paradox in the process of spiritual advancement. We are used to the fact that the more we grow, the more we understand life and connections in society, the family, country, and the world. As we grow older, we better understand what is happening because we get to know what is already in front of us in this world.

But in the spiritual world, it is not so. The further we advance, at each subsequent step, we reveal more and more concealment, and only then, accordingly, is there revelation. First we need to detect the whole concealment by putting in the required measure of effort, and then we begin to attain this new degree.

In our daily life, an ordinary person is different from a scientist, who as he advances further in his scientific work, the more difficult his research becomes, the greater the obstacles he has to overcome. But it is impossible otherwise because he makes new discoveries every time. Whereas an ordinary person does not discover anything new but only becomes acquainted with what others have discovered.

Therefore, we must understand that we will always encounter obstacles on the spiritual path that we must overcome by faith above reason, through our connection, each time with effort, and break through to a new level.

All obstacles are a revelation of a stronger desire to receive, another stage of egoism. It turns out that we are thrown out of spirituality and see a new stage of uncorrected desire before us as a barrier, a wall, along the way. We cannot see what is behind this wall, and we can only go by faith above reason.

We want to arm ourselves with the power of faith, bestowal, without any evidence or confirmation, and we are looking for ways to overcome this egoistic barrier—our desire to enjoy—by faith above reason so that bestowal becomes higher than receiving. I must raise the greatness of the Creator above all the treasures of this world, and this is possible only through the importance of the group.

As a result, we find out that neither I nor the group can succeed and only the prayer remains, a request for help to the Creator. Prayer helps us take the final step that will take us to the other side of the barrier.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/22/21, “Breaking the Barriers to Spirituality”

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