Day Of Gratitude—All From Within

631.2Comment: The UN and UNESCO love to create holidays. There is a holiday called International Thank You Day.

The point is that we, they say, neglect to express our gratitude to each other.

Psychologists’ research suggest that “the benefits of handwritten thank-you letters was underestimated.  …

“Additionally, the researchers found that the prosocial gesture of expressing gratitude in a handwritten note boosts positive emotions and well-being for both the letter-writing ‘expresser’ and the recipient of the stated appreciation.”

These oral strokes, the holiday proponents say, can bring warmth and they use a lot of words like that, that it moves us away from stress, toward tolerance, but the main thing is that the words of gratitude should be sincere, from the heart.

My Response: That is another matter. The UN will not help here.

Question: How do you feel about this holiday—the International Thank You Day?

Answer: Everything that the UN and UNESCO do is dirty in my eyes, and there is nothing that makes what they did bring pleasure and good to people.

They do this mainly in order to pump over the money from the pockets of humanity into their own. Check the box.

Comment: But the very word “thank you” has now become so small, turned into a selfish “thank you.” For what they do, you say: “thank you.” For politeness—you say: “thank you,” etc., etc.

My Response: There is no height or feeling in this.

Question: But the root of “thank you” is in gratitude. You are thanking me. In principle, they say that the roots are quite high. “Thank you” comes from “save me, God.” “Thank you”—from “gift of goodness.” Even in Russian, it sounds beautiful, we just stopped thinking about it.

What is the root of this gratitude?

Answer: Yes, this is gratitude to the Creator. Then, probably, it passed on to people, to emphasize your kind attitude toward them, the reaction to their attitude toward you.

Question: Basically, do I thank you for something egoistic that I was given? Or can I still be grateful that I was given the opportunity to help someone, to do something good for someone?

Answer: No, it is too much! It is impossible to demand this from a person today. I do not know if this was ever the case with humanity at all.

We all develop from egoism. So, I Should be grateful that I had the opportunity to do good to others. It is all from within.

Question: When I thank the Creator, what do I thank Him for?

Answer: Yes, people thank the Creator for the fact that He gives them some egoistic pleasure, gets rid of suffering, from diseases, and nothing else.

If we talk about Kabbalists, they thank the Creator for giving them the opportunity to be like Him—the Creator. To be Adam. “Adam” is from the word “Dome”—like the Creator. This is when they can do good. But it is still the other way around.

You do not think about yourself at all. In this case, you break away from yourself and think only about how to act good toward people in order to bring them to the equivalence of form with the Creator.

Question: Do you thank the Creator for giving you this opportunity?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/11/21

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