Whom To Thank For What?

237Question: Psychologists have developed a seven gratitudes technique that helps to cope with anxiety. The secret of the technique is very simple: You need to thank. Whom to thank? Yourself, your family, the world, the universe, God, one can choose. When to thank? Preferably in the morning and before sleep. What to thank for? For the fact that you have everything. How do you like this theory?

Answer: For an ordinary, normal person, it is very good.

Question: But a person does not have a feeling that he has everything. Can he say: “Thank You that I have everything”?

Answer: “Everything You gave me is enough for me and I thank You.” Of course, it is good for the ordinary person.

Question: Does this system work if you are grateful?

Answer: Try it on yourself. “When sinners sleep, good for them and good for the world.”

Question: It is called a dream when one says: “I have everything?”

Answer: Yes. And you fall asleep peacefully if it is in the evening. And if it’s during the day, you don’t rush anywhere. Anyway, everything I need will come to me. This is good. People should not rush somewhere, it is all from the evil one.

Question: Does that mean that you like this system of gratitude?

Answer: I like lazy people, although I am not like that myself.

Question: Why do you like lazy people?

Answer: They do little harm to the world.

Question: But really, don’t  you like rebels and revolutionaries.

Answer: Inside yourself. Inside yourself, do whatever you want. Make revolutions and wars, inside yourself. And everything else, let nature live in peace, do not muddy it.

See what nature, this virus, is doing to us. Calmly drive out of town, buy yourself a house instead of your apartment in the city and live in peace. Wife, kids, what else does a person need?

Comment: But nonetheless, all prayers are based on initial gratitude and then there is some kind of request.

My Response: To reach your highest, great purpose—to become equal to the Creator!

Comment: There is no peace in this. There is constant movement.

My Response: Internal peace! Because I am absolutely sure that in this way I will still reach the goal. I give myself to the Creator and in this I go with Him. And He can do whatever He wants. I remain in absolute peace.

Question: But isn’t movement toward Him a constant anxiety, trepidation?

Answer: This is not anxiety. There is not even much trepidation in this. If I am confident in Him, if I have faith that I am in His hands, then I am simply like a baby in the arms of his mother. Held and that’s all. Complete safety, peace.

But I check myself every time to be sure that I am in His arms with more vigor, I get closer to Him despite my ego. And I don’t need anything else. I am in this cocoon.

So, where to rush? Moreover, with other people to do some calculations: who is bigger, who is better, who is higher…

Question: And what about our ever growing egoism? You are constantly talking about it.

Answer: This is to give us an opportunity to be in dynamic closeness with the Creator all the time.

Question: That is, to return to the state again, in His hands?

Answer: Yes. And all is well.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/21/20

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