Faith Above Reason And The Soul

608.03Question: What is faith above reason?

Answer: The concept faith above reason refers to the fact that I ascend above my nature and enter a state in which I am in the Creator, which is opposite from the state I am in today.

The Creator is the attribute of bestowal, the attribute of general connection, of general love. Initially I don’t have this attribute, but if I can somehow create it inside me, compose and reveal it, it will be above my current egoistic nature and will be called faith above reason.

Reason refers to what happens in my nature, in the ego, in my understanding and my feelings. When I ascend above it by wanting to operate in an opposite manner, I will be in the attribute that is opposite to reason, in faith above reason. Opposite does not mean in contrast to.

Generally speaking, there are many discrepancies in our simple understanding of life that we need to bypass first and then try to feel, because faith above reason stems from the feeling that there is a state like the upper world, like an ascent above yourself, like life for the sake of bestowal, and you want to acquire this state.

When such an internal motion appears in a person, he begins to prepare for the exit from the slavery of the ego. This is due to the fact that a force called the upper surrounding light operates on him for a certain but long period of time. This force was summoned by a person’s desire and his actions in order to change himself; although their internal intention is egoistic, their goal is altruistic.

If a person receives such an impact from his work in the group while studying the wisdom of Kabbalah and as a result wants to acquire an extra force, an attribute that is not corporeal, it is gradually created and develops inside him, just like an embryo in a womb. Then this attribute, faith above reason, is born and begins to exist with a life of its own and it is called a soul.

In Kabbalistic terms, a person adheres to Bina and is seemingly detached from Malchut. This is the reason that faith above reason is the attribute of Bina that overcomes the attribute of Malchut, or the attribute of bestowal that is implemented above the attribute of receiving, or the desire to bestow above the desire to receive.

The structure of the general soul is based on this principle, and it is according to this principle that we exist in the spiritual world. We need to build it inside us. Until then none of us has a soul, but only a corporeal body that is not even mentioned in the wisdom of Kabbalah. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the concept of body refers to our egoistic desire to receive and to enjoy, which exists inside us and is not related to the corporeal body in any way.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/23/18

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