Immense Egoism, And An Absolute Love

608.01Question: Does the hatred between friends and the desire to kill each other that is written about in The Book of Zohar always remain?

Answer: But of course! This separation remains, and a union is created over it, and, moreover, the greatest, most absolute love. But it must exist above hatred, otherwise it does not exist.

There is not one quality. Only the Creator represents one quality—the quality of bestowal and love. And creation must exist separately from the Creator, otherwise it will be lost. If we completely dissolve in Him, then we no longer exist.

How can we make sure that we exist and are equal to the Creator, similar in everything? For this there are two qualities in us: the original, absolute egoism, and the clothing on it, absolute bestowal and love, absolute altruism. One overlaps the other. But one cannot exist without the other.

That is, we are created from two opposite qualities, giving and receiving, and these two qualities complement each other.

Therefore, inside there is absolute hatred and egoism, which is converted in its external outpouring into love and giving to others.

And then a person remains a person, a creature, but completely equal to the Creator. This is not perceived by us. We don’t understand that. Egoism is called “help against you,” as if it exists opposite to you.

He is not standing in front of me, but inside me. It seems to me to be my opponent, but in fact, when you start to correct it, you see that you have something to correct, something to rise above, thanks to which you can learn, attain, and build yourself.

Therefore, it is the material from which you restore the broken statue. Without these egoistic pieces, you would have nothing to collect. You don’t really work with egoism itself. You work on gluing the pieces of souls together, you work on the connection between the corrupted souls.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #3

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