The Lord On High Is Mighty

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati, article 33, “The Lots on Yom Kippurim and with Haman”: “Hence, one sees that all the greatness of the Creator that he had obtained was because of the Se’arot and the contradictions he had had. This is the meaning of, “the Lord on high is mighty.” It means that the greatness of the Creator is awarded through the Aderet.”

Of course it is impossible to manage without the support of the group, without the work that others perform. They may not even speak about it, but because we are all connected to one another, I grow stronger thanks to others. Therefore I can continue to go through all the Dinim (judgments) and accumulate the necessary clarifications until I reach the sufficient measure for the revelation of the Creator’s greatness.

The Creator is not revealed at first but rather the Creator’s greatness is. But then we see that we don’t even need that. A person reveals the Creator when he demands the Creator’s greatness and not when he demands to know Him.

I advance when I clearly discern and feel more and more sharply that this is the Creator’s greatness. I don’t demand to know the Creator in any way other than the force of His greatness that will allow me to advance to adhesion and to perform actions of bestowal that are independent of any discernment other than His greatness.

I want to think only about this and that I will see it as the greatest thing. I have no need for all the discernments and clarifications that follow this greatness anymore, so that they will not be excuses for my actions. Only one thing is enough for me: that the Creator is great.

This is called pure faith, without any self benefit. I don’t ask the Creator to feed me, to bring me health, peace, a good life, good relations with people, success, etc. It is actually above all these deficiencies, above the lack of success, above the fact that the Creator gives me nothing and that Pharaoh is revealed more and more, above all the great disappointment, above the darkness, that I ask for one thing only: the Creator’s greatness, which means the power to work for Him.

Accordingly, the rejecting of my ego is increasingly revealed. Here I discover the gap between the two ends: the feeling in the desire to receive and the recognition of the Creator’s greatness, which are two opposites.

I establish the Creator’s greatness, “the Lord on high is mighty,” above all the Se’arot (hair), the contradictions, that are rejected by the desire to receive, above all the Dinim I feel. This highness is established in the Se’arot. Thus I establish the two opposite discernments inside me, and the distance between them is the volume of my soul. That is actually revealed by this oppositeness.

“It follows that through the Se’arot one gradually discovers the greatness of the Creator, until one finds the Names of the Creator, called “the thirteen attributes of Mercy.” This is the meaning of “and the elder shall serve the younger,” and “the wicked shall prepare it, but the just shall wear it.”

Wicked refers to all my descents and disappointments, all the times that I caught myself with the desire to do something for  my own benefit, to go back to the previous calculations, not by being detached from myself and adhered to the Creator. Thus I gradually establish my new form.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/30/14, Shamati #33

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