The Light In The Vessel: Not Only Fulfillment But Permeation

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator created desire which was “round” (meaning that initially it didn’t have any details of perception) and filled it with the Light. With His force, the force of the Light, He created desire’s reality and filled it with the same very Light.

Thus, there are only two elements in the universe: desire and the Light, the vessel (Kli) and what fills it. The Light is regarded as “the Creator,” whereas desire is regarded as “the creature.” Only they exist in the world of Infinity. As to a “world” in spirituality, it is a state of being and not a picture that we are accustomed to seeing in our world.

So, the initial state of desire and the Light is called “the world of Infinity” since there are no boundaries or restrictions. Desire has as much Light as it desires. All desire’s components are fulfilled.

What is missing here? Desire is created but isn’t conscious of it. It exists because the Light is sustaining it. In order for desire to evolve and feel what it is, what it has, and what it was created for, it is necessary to insert a certain additional component into it. This is because as long as it is locked in itself, desire lacks self-awareness and knowledge of its own existence.

In order to perceive itself, desire has to look at itself from aside, observe itself, and reflect on its existence. Undeveloped mammals and humans do not possess such characteristics. Only having evolved, does man start asking himself: “Who and what am I? What am I for? What is the essence of this life?” He or she is interested not in self-fulfillment but in the meaning of life and strives to look outside of his or her existence.

In order to give desire this opportunity and capacity, the Light must enter it and impart it with its own properties. In that case, the properties of both desire and the Light will co-exist in it, and on the contrast between them, it will start asking itself: “Where did I come from? Why do I exist? Where am I going?”

However, if the additional property doesn’t surface in desire, it will not start pondering over anything and will care only about its natural need: to stay fulfilled and whole. Similarly, the representatives of the still, vegetative, and animate degrees strive to fill and preserve themselves in the best possible form.

This is why the Creator must penetrate desire and permeate it with Himself, to give it the form of the Light.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/4/2011, “Explanation to the Article, Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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