A Society That Helps Start A Spiritual Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanSociety is the foundation for spiritual advancement. And just like the people who ran from Jerusalem during the time of the Second Temple as they saw spirituality collapse and wanted to form a small society to hold on to the spiritual connection between them, the Upper Force, and hid in the vicinity of the Dead Sea; we also want to form a society like that.

For now, it may not be very big: “only” some hundred thousand people, which is not much compared to the entire humanity that now must awaken and connect. But we have to believe Kabbalists who say that we are always given enough strength, both in quantity and quality, and if we mobilize it according to our abilities and given conditions, we will be able to reveal the upper force.

Once we connect, that spark will ignite between us and distribute the upper Light throughout our entire system. This Light will fill us, and we will find ourselves in the spiritual world.

Our primary task is to form a society, a place for the Light to be revealed. The proper society is called “Shechina,” the place where the Light (Shochen) reigns. There are certain laws for the existence of this society. The Creator is the giver, Shochen, we are His Shechina, and we need to prepare our desire for Him to be revealed in us.

The upper Light cannot be revealed in one person; there have to be at least two. But two are not enough either because different egoistic problems immediately arise between them. This is why the bigger the society the easier it is for the person.

On one hand, if the society is very strong, it will be easier for the person since he will not need to invest so much into it. And on the other hand, he will receive inspiration from the others who are preparing a place for him among them, where he could enter. He will only need to cancel himself before the society, and this will be enough.

He will literally grow like an infant in its mother’s arms or an embryo in the mother’s womb. This society will become his refuge, the “Noah’s Ark,” his mother’s womb, from where he will draw all the forces to begin his spiritual life. Thereby he will advance.

And even though our group is not that big compared to the nation of Israel or the entire world, our possibilities are enormous! We can raise the entire mankind within us!

Every one of us can receive the upper Light only if he becomes a part of the mother’s womb (“Rechem” or “womb” comes from the word “Rachamim” or “mercy,” bestowal). Otherwise, he will remain “sealed” for the Light, and he will only be able to perceive this world.

By not continuing the flow of the Light and passing it onto others, I block my path and prevent the Light from going through me. Then I will only perceive its tiny glow that paints this world to me.
From Lesson 2 Metzoke Dragot Congress 2/25/2011

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