A Check For Selfless Devotion

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator’s greatness is a very complicated issue. Of course we cannot move without feeling His greatness, but we don’t want it to be like in our world when it is part of our nature to respect an important person.

The importance depends on the environment. If people around me respect someone, I will also respect him. But if people around me disrespect someone, I will undoubtedly disrespect him too, it only depends on the society that impresses me. I decide according to the opinion of society who is important and who is not.

Naturally I am always ready to serve an important person. It only depends on how important a person is in my eyes if I agree to carry his suitcase that weighs 10kg or 100kg, to work for him for one day or for a whole lifetime. But these are purely egoistic motives. If the Creator reveals his greatness to us, we will gladly work for Him, just as for a very important person because of the egoistic desire. It would not be faith above reason and the intention of in order to bestow but ordinary ego, since I will work for the pleasure that I receive from belonging to a great personality.

It is a pleasure to serve a great person; this is our nature and so in such a case our machine works on ordinary fuel and doesn’t perform any spiritual work. This is because spiritual work is above any payment that the desire to receive gets as compensation.

So the Creator cannot reveal His greatness to us if we ask Him for it so we can use it to work putting the Creator’s greatness as a condition for our work. Because then we would get the same situation as in our world. I underestimated someone and disrespected him and suddenly the society says to me: “Didn’t you know what a great man this is? How clever, rich and influential he is?” Then I would immediately begin to respect him and would be ready to serve him.

The Creator is concealed and doesn’t reveal His greatness to us unless we, with the help of the group, the teacher, and the study, prepare ourselves in order to truly want bestowal, and only if we need the Creator’s force, His greatness, only in order to attain bestowal, do we receive it.

This means, that bestowal should be in first place, and only for the sake of bestowing should we want to feel the Creator’s greatness. Only in this case will we reveal the greatness of the Creator, based on what is important to us, the importance of bestowal.

A person needs to prepare a very special deficiency called the three lines. We will find out more about this very important point, but it is good that we have moved closer to it. It is a very subtle but fundamental condition of knowing how to separate where the egoistic motives are concealed and where the true bestowal regarding the Creator’s greatness is.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/30/12

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