Names Of The Creator—The Measure Of Spiritual Ascent

95Question: What should one do if, for example: for you, the Creator is good, but for me, He is terrible. Does it mean that the Creator is totally different for us?

Answer: Of course. The Creator is different for each person and at every single moment.

Kabbalah explains this very simply: the upper light is at absolute rest. There are no changes in it, but it pressures the whole creation, and each element of creation calls the Creator by different names.

What is more, we do not randomly call the Creator the good that does good, evil, stubborn, or whatever names we may give Him. They simply indicate the way we perceive Him. That is, it is necessary to make corrections here.

The Creator is the absolute. If I feel that He is evil, it means that I have evil properties.

Therefore, I interpret all His positive impacts on me as evil. On the other hand, if I resemble the Creator, I feel His impact on me as good. It all depends on the extent to which I resemble the Creator.

Thus, the names of the Creator express the degree of my spiritual attainment, my spiritual compatibility with the Creator. The more I advance and the more I ascend to the Creator and resemble Him more and more, I speak of Him in a more positive way.

We can depict this as a scale on which there is a 100% compatibility with the Creator (plus), a 100% incompatibility with the Creator (minus), and in the middle, there is the neutral state (zero). Depending on where

I am on this scale, my properties are either more opposite or more similar to the Creator.
Usually, we are born and start our path in a neutral state: a little down, a little up, a little down, a little up, and so on.

Question: So, you want to say that from “the good that does good” I can come to “the evil and most terrible”? Can there be such an amplitude from the most negative perception of the Creator to the most positive perception?

Answer: This is the only amplitude there can be. Before I ascend to the level of complete correction, I am at the complete opposite level. Life is full of surprises.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/24/19

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