The Creator Is A Nameless Force

laitman_567.04Question: What are the names of the Creator?

Answer: There is a Creator and He has many names. Why many? Who gave Him these names?

Usually names are given by mothers and fathers. But here are the names of the Creator. Do they indicate something or not? We give names to children arbitrarily in our world, depending on what name is fashionable. I remember when Gagarin flew in space; it became very fashionable to name boys “Yuri.”
Still, what are the names of the Creator?

First of all, The Creator is one. So why does He need many names? It might be because He performs many different activities? It might be because He has a very diverse personality and we give Him different names? That is why we need to understand where all this comes from.

In fact, the Creator is an absolutely nameless force, which has no properties, nuances, nothing. He is Himself, existing in isolation from everything. It is impossible to say that He exists and how because we cannot detect Him at all.

However, when He begins to refer to something material and some action comes from Him, we call Him by the name of this action: kind, does good, big, gloomy, cruel, etc. That is, we call Him according to His specific manifestations in relation to us.

If it is not in relation to us, we cannot say anything. We know Him as we perceive Him in our sensations and in no other way. But by Himself, what He really is, we do not perceive. What I feel at the moment, no matter what I feel, everything comes to me from the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/24/19

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