To Love What The Creator Loves

527.03If we want to make our desire similar to the Creator, then we evaluate everything only according to one principle: everything that is for our own sake we hate and everything that is for the sake of bestowal we love.

Only in this light do we see the whole reality and not different colors and sounds. We do not care if they are pleasant or unpleasant, but what matters is whether it is bestowal or reception.

If it is bestowal, then it is loved and attractive, and if it is reception, then it is hated and repulsive. And only in this form will I move from the screen on which I see this world to the screen of the upper world and begin to see reality in its true, correct form.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/4/21, “My Spirituality Is Revealed Outside of Me,” Lesson 1

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