How Do We Protect Our Children

586Question: The International Day for Protection of Children has been held since 1925 “in order to draw the attention of adults to the observance of children’s rights, education, protection from violence, and the right for life.”

What does it mean to you to protect children?

Answer: First of all, from parents. So that parents understand how to raise them. I also knew very little about it, although they tried to instill it all in me. I can feel how insufficient it is. How can you make a young couple who knows nothing and does not understand anything into people who know and understand everything when they have a child?

This is a big problem. This is where we really have to do something with ourselves. Otherwise, our society, our humanity, will remain as miserable as it looks now.

Parents need to know how to make a person out of this baby. First, you need to understand from the very first day what you want to give him, what he needs, and what he wants from you. This is a nonverbal connection—mental, spiritual, neural. The one that should be between the couple and the newborn.

And then you need to give parents the necessary education, the nurturing they need to bring them up correctly. Everything that is necessary for two people who have a baby in their arms.

Question: So it is actually a whole science to be a parent?

Answer: Of course! And we do not prepare people for this. Therefore, we cannot say that we see among our babies, children, teenagers, girls, and boys as they grow, the people we could potentially see.

It is all our fault. And then we start blaming them, scolding them, demanding from them, pushing them. This is not the way to do it. Then it is too late.

We also need to make relations in the family, at school, on the street, everywhere a little closer. A child should not feel that these are completely opposite different societies. It should all be homogeneous. Here it is necessary to change society as well.

Comment: This is already the “Day of a Unified Society” and not the “Day for Protection of Children.”

My Response: This is the protection of children. From society.

This is actually our job, because otherwise our education will lead us to disaster. Everything you see in adults is everything done at an age when they were maybe a few months old or a few years old at most.

International Day for Protection of Children is a good day if we agree to create an atmosphere for them, an environment, that supports them and correctly formats them, turns them into a person, a good person, a kind, caring, and helpful person, a person who wants to help and accepts help from others.

There should just be an even kind attitude toward everyone.

Question: And this is the merit of parents and society only?

Answer: Yes. And then we will be able to see how everything really changes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/27/21

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