International Day For The Protection Of Children

laitman_629_3Comment: June 1st was the international day for the protection of children.

Answer: How can there be a day for the protection of children?! Children all over the world are the least protected members of society!

If we really cared about children they wouldn’t grow up to be such wicked adults. A child who doesn’t feel that he is cared for grows up to be a rigid barbaric person who wants to vent everything he did not receive in his childhood.

Question: What do you consider taking care of a child?

Answer: Taking care of a child is first of all bringing him up. He needs warmth and simple basic attention.

How can parents give something to their children today if they work all day long and only have time to pick up their kids from the different institutions they are placed in, put them to bed and take them back there the next morning? We say that a child seemingly grows up in family, but in fact he spends the whole day at the “kids’ home.”

This is the situation we have arrived to! A mother has to engage in bringing up a child and then we will have no problems.

Question: What does a mother bringing up her child mean?

Answer: It means that a mother visits the same educational institution her child does where there is a class for the children and a class for their mothers. There the mothers learn how to raise their kids, how to be connected together, and how to strengthen the family. This is how the upbringing and the education of mothers and children is done.

The fathers also should have mandatory training for one or two hours while at work about how to bring up a child and how to behave properly in the family. Then everyone at home will understand one another.

We are constantly developing so this type of education is vital! Animals don’t need this type of education but even among animals the mother is constantly by her young and doesn’t let anyone else take care of them until they grow up.

Comment: This means that we have to build increasingly stronger family connections because it is like a small cell in a large body.

Answer: It is vital that we change the world for the sake of the children so that they will grow up to be good parents. This is our role.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/11/16

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