What Can I Do Today?

laitman_938_07Question: You write that anti-Semitism is a natural phenomenon and so it is possible to study it and influence it. As far as it seems, it is impossible to explain this fully in one article.

But even the practical way that you suggest is very abstract. How can we come to our senses and create the same warm atmosphere you speak about? Are there more concrete suggestions? What can I do today?

Answer: You can do only one thing: Join our organization and begin to study the method of integral consolidation. I cannot explain this in two words. In our organization, whose branches exist in dozens of nations all around the world, close to two million people are studying. We publish books in all languages, publicize our material and give free access to them on the Internet.

First you must discover and know who you are, what you are, why you exist and not only you, but the whole world. You can clarify where we are moving, what we must do, in what manner we can correct our situation, what nature is pushing us toward, and how to reach the next level of our development. If we don’t discover this, then we cannot realize our mission and then things will be bad for us.
From a Webinar “The Security of the Jewish People,” 5/8/16

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