21st Century Ghost Towns

426Comment: At the beginning of the 20th century beautiful cities were built: London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, and others. People, entrepreneurs, ideas, and money flowed into these cities, and it was wonderful.

What has the virus done? Suddenly life began to flow out of these cities. It seemed impossible, but people are leaving, and the cities are gradually becoming ghost towns. The mind refuses to accept that this is even possible.

My Response: It seems impossible, but it is so!

Comment: Will this flow out of the cities stop at a certain point and will people return to the cities?

My Response: No, they will not return. What for? What will they find in New York? They may go to Carnegie Hall one day, to a certain restaurant, or somewhere else, but I believe that generally speaking all this will disappear. Everything has changed, turned upside-down!

I don’t think that the virus has caused this. It is the internal force of nature that is responsible for this change.

Question: From a Kabbalistic perspective, what has changed so dramatically in people?

Answer: The essence of life has changed. It is not about the physical place where we can be together, but about finding the right place where we can exist, not a physical existence, but a virtual one.

The departure from Manhattan, for example, leaving the physical Big Apple, indicates that we don’t need all the people, the office buildings and banks, and that we can stay at home sitting on our sofa in our pajamas and manage everything. Why should we pay for such expensive office buildings? So that people can come and sit there? We don’t need it. We can watch the screen or several screens in front of us and manage an entire enterprise.

Question: But what about your dream of connecting people, of connecting?

Answer: The Torah refers to the physical connection between people and says “disperse the wicked, it is good for them and it is good for the world.”

Question: Was it an illusion of physical connection?

Answer: It was not an illusion. There was no physical connection at all. Did I go to work because I loved the people there, because I wanted to be closer to them?

Question: Of course not. Will something change now? How will this happen virtually if I only see others on the screen?

Answer: I will connect to them virtually and then maybe physically at some point. But the most important thing is that I will be free and that nothing will pressure me and force me to smile to one person or another, to be connected, etc. I will connect to people only in a businesslike manner.

Question: It’s interesting to think about how people will connect in their hearts, how will this connection take place through the screens?

Answer: They will receive blows by different afflictions in life, and thus understand that they can overcome the problems they encounter only if they get closer to each other internally, emotionally.

Question: Does this mean that a person will not be able to escape pain if he leaves New York City or London?

Answer: Of course not, but when he sits on his lawn with his lawn mower and his dog, he will think that as part of a normal life he still needs to be in good relations with others. He will think about that, and receive such blows that he will understand that you still need to be connected to others.

Question: Will he understand where these blows are leading him, or will he run to connection like an animal?

Answer: He will have to understand, and it will be a very long and painful process, but he will understand. The blows will develop a higher level of thinking in a person.

Comment: We keep returning to blows.

My Response: It is impossible to change any other way. It can be very easy and peaceful, or through many problems and even wars.

Question: How do you see this personally?

Answer: I am trying to explain to humanity with all my might that there is no choice and that it is in a state in which the right relations between people is a must, and yet we still don’t see that people understand.

But at least you can already speak about it and you are not deterred, silenced, or ridiculed because everyone today is in a state in which they don’t know what to do with themselves, with their children, with their future.

Comment: The call for connection, to say something nice to others, to think positively about others seems a little childish, and this may be the reason that they cannot listen to you yet.

My Response: I understand them.

Question: What can we add so that what you say will be like an arrow that hits the heart, so that they will feel the depth there is behind these simple words?

Answer: It will happen, and they will begin to understand that there is no other choice, that these are not just words, but that nature is guiding us in this direction.

Question: Will a person have the feeling that we are living according to the law of nature?

Answer: Definitely! It will come and it will be fulfilled and implemented in practice.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/21/20

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