Is It Possible To Run Away From Problems?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion from Facebook: You say that the world is terrible. I just dropped everything and left the city. How can one live in the cities? Returning to nature is the solution to all problems.

Answer: I understand you, yet this is not the solution to the problem but an escape from problems. In principle, this is what many people do: If there is a possibility, they buy a small house on an island in the ocean and live there. You too are welcome to buy a house in the countryside and live in peace.

I personally cannot do this because I worry about the world, the society, people, their changing nature, and them reaching the purpose of creation. Studying the world, I begin to realize that the world was created for humans to change, to ascend, to transform themselves and thereby transform the world.

Therefore, I cannot retire and live somewhere on a tree, thinking that everything is peaceful and good. I am concerned about other problems than just retire and end my life in peace.

Moving from cities to nature will not change anything. This will not end our problems. We see that we left caves, climbed down from trees, evolved, and all this happened in us naturally. We cannot think of anything else.

We have nowhere to go because we only have a small planet Earth. Instead of separating and isolating ourselves from each other, we have to create good relations among ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/27/2017

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