The Infinite Power Of Prayer

236.01Everything is achieved by the power of prayer. Our whole future, our state, everything in general depends on turning to the upper force.

Man is born an animal because in our world there is nothing but the still, vegetative, and animate levels. And if we continue to develop in the same plane, then we will never leave the animate level, as it is said: “We are all like mortal animals.”

Man can rise from the animate level to the human level if he changes the way of his existence. That is, he will cease to act as the master of life, changing the world with the help of the animalistic power given to him by nature, which humanity has been doing throughout its history.

The revolution consists in the fact that man would cease to use the egoistic force given to him from birth, which he has developed in every possible way, and shifts to another force, the altruistic one. He sees that it is no longer possible to remain in egoism. Life experience shows that people are born and die, and a person has no power over his life and death.

And most importantly, he does not understand what he lives for and that all efforts are wasted. Gradually, he begins to feel and realize his dependence on the upper force, that is, that there is a certain higher power in our life that controls us.

A person feels that he is unable to control his life and is forced to establish contact with the higher power. And this is despite the fact that modern people are highly educated in science, technology, philosophy, and it is difficult for them to admit that some intangible forces govern our life.

Even belonging to a religion is rather a cultural tradition that does not lead to a real connection with the Creator, which is what the science of Kabbalah speaks about.

A person feels the need to find the source of life. It is not here among us in the material plane, and it is impossible to reveal it by improving our natural senses. It requires higher attributes inherent in the force that gave birth to us. Therefore, they existed even before us and above us.

And after many years of such searches, a person despairs of them and realizes his complete powerlessness and inability to manage his life. He understands that everything depends on his appeal to the upper force through the ten. And if the Creator does not help him, then there is no chance of finding the source of life, which means that he was born as an animal and will die the same way.

To shift from the egoistic desire, with which a person was born, into the opposite desire for bestowal, that is, to acquire the power of the Creator, is possible only if he really wants to turn to the Creator, does so, and leaves the Creator no other way but to help him and give him the power of bestowal from His powers.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/5/21, “Everything Is Obtained by the Power of Prayer”

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