What To Ask From The Creator?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Each person reaches a point where everything that used to help him advance and develop becomes completely useless. What should his plea to the Creator be in such a state?

Answer: Ask for anything you want but it won’t help! The Creator is a perfect force of nature. It isn’t an old man or a force that can be influenced. Not at all! The Creator is absolute and therefore does not change. If the Creator changed, that would mean He was different before and now became better or worse.

To ask the Creator means to develop new desires within me. The reason I sense change in His constant influence over me is because I change. The Creator never changes! He doesn’t hear or see anything from us. He is simply a great, eternal, existing, and perfect force of nature. We are the ones that must change until we become similar to Him.

Our prayers are self-judgment, self-evaluation, and the desire to change. There’s nothing to ask of the Creator, otherwise it’s as if you are saying: “You are not that good. Please be better!”

Gradually we will discover that we are dealing with nature. The Creator is nature. And within this nature only we can change. A human being is the only one who can change himself. Then a question arises: What state do we have to reach and how do we reach it, in order to feel eternal and perfect, like nature?
From Lesson 3 in Moscow 1/16/2011, Questions and Answers

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