The Hidden Force Of Nature

746.01How can we practically build a common intention if our desires are completely different? If we want to bestow to each other and discover that we cannot do it without the help of the Creator, then everyone draws the Creator to himself so that He would help his friends.

Thus, instead of the egoistic field, we form a spiritual field of bestowal in which we use the qualities of the Creator. This means that the Creator is revealed between us.

We want to reveal the force of the Creator between us, the force of mutual bestowal hidden in nature. There are many forces in the universe that are hidden from us, many stars, planets, and creatures that we are not able to see. So far, all our instruments, telescopes, and radars are not able to identify all this.

But there is a force that fills the entire universe. Scientists call it dark matter. We feel that there are waves that we cannot recognize. Without a doubt, there is a force that permeates the entire universe from one edge to the other (if you can say that the universe has an edge at all). These forces are present in any place because if they were not, the universe would have crumbled long ago.

The forces of interaction between all parts of the universe exist and operate above all our material limitations. Some of these forces are hidden; that is, we can reveal them only if we acquire the intention to bestow. Then we will no longer be limited by matter and corporeal reality.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/9/21, “Each Day They Will Be as New in Your Eyes” 

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