Renewal In The Work

293.1We should be wary of developing habits in our work because we already get used to a certain viewpoint and fail to see any renewal in the work. But, in fact, every day we go through new states, new desires.

Therefore we must fight against routine, getting used to something, and in no way allow ourselves to act automatically, out of habit.

It is very important to recognize new Reshimot, new desires, new relations, and new things being asked of us at each moment. This is how we will advance. And if we do not notice anything new, then we are stuck in a dead state. Living in spirituality means constant revelation of new Reshimot. And if I do not see the new states being revealed, then I do not live.

Habit is good only in mechanical actions in this world, as it is said: “The world turns as usual.” Thus, we should stick to the same routine day after day and think very carefully before changing anything.

Whereas in spirituality, every day should be like new. That is, we must constantly recognize new states, new desires, new conditions, and advance from them. It seems that not much newness can come from running in the same routine, but my attitude can be new. If I try to find any renewal in my personal, inner attitude, then I am advancing.

You need to be ready to accept a new revelation, a new attitude, and hold on to the two poles, ascents and descents, so that the light is revealed out of darkness. It is not good if a person is inclined to one extreme. Only small children live in polar states, either having uncontrollable fun or bitterly crying. A person correctly moving along the spiritual path remains in three lines: right, left, and middle.

On one hand, he tries to stay as close to the Creator as possible, and at the same time, he scrutinizes the desires that separate him from the Creator. And from these two states, he tries to build a middle line, each time connecting all of his states, negative and positive, and directing them to the Creator as coming from the same source.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/21, “Each Day They Will Be as New in Your Eyes”

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