The Point Where The Creator Is

934The entire connection between us and our connection with the Creator is in the center of the ten. The center of the ten is the point through which the Creator addresses the creation, the place where the Creator (Bo-Re), “come and see” is; it is where we reveal Him.

The center of the ten is the place where the attitude of the Creator toward the creation is manifested. Before that, the Creator is only an abstract concept we are unable to feel and understand in any way. Therefore, the center of the ten must be constantly kept as a goal toward which we strive all the time.

Everything that happens should be attributed to the center of the ten: both immersion in darkness and illumination with light. As birds that carry everything into their nest—food for the chicks, straws—we constantly add dozens of our explanations to the center, both positive and negative. We study what causes our distancing from each other (which is also beneficial since it adds desire, Aviut) and how we can draw closer above those obstacles by building a Masach on them and uniting.

And when our unity becomes strong enough, the Creator will reveal itself and it will become clear that it was Him who caused rejection between us, separation, all the levels of egoism from 0 to 4, and that He also helped us to unite over this separation, building a screen for us of the same levels from 0 to 4.

Upon this contrast between egoism and purity, we will begin to understand the Creator because we will have two forms that reveal the concept “Creator” (come and see). Two opposite poles will be there— breaking and connection, concealment and revelation—and we can determine our connection between them, covering all transgressions with love, and we will reveal the Creator on the basis of two opposites.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/29/21, “Love Covers All Transgressions”

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