Material In The Master’s Hands

936At every step, we discover that correction is the work of the Creator, and we only ask for it. Our job is to raise a prayer.

Overcoming also lies in asking and presenting ourselves to the Creator as broken fragments, agreeing that He will do with us whatever He wants and has planned. We are ready for this and we hand ourselves over to Him as material in the hands of the master.

We are no longer capable of overcoming anything, we can only hold on to our devotion to the Creator and be willing to hand ourselves over to Him for correction as He sees fit. We prepare ourselves for this agreement in advance with the help of our friends and the group.

This is a lot of work, not passively waiting for action to be performed on us from above. We work to discover our shattering, shortcomings, and genuine prayer.

The Creator makes the correction by the force of the light, but we must be ready to connect, having exhausted all attempts and being certain that we cannot do it ourselves. And then we come to the Creator as a child running to his father, crying when he cannot assemble the cubes by himself and asking for help.

But we cannot ask Him in advance. This glue that connects the bricks of our house is made from our dissatisfaction, our tears, our suffering. All this we bring to the Creator with tears, complaining that the cubes do not fit together, or they do and immediately fall apart. So what is missing there?

Our tears lack the upper force. When the prayer (MAN) from our side and the answer (MAD) from the Creator combine, they turn into such a force that glues all the broken fragments together correctly and forever. This is how we reveal our integration with the Creator time after time.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/2/21, “Mingling/Inclusion”

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