Success = Work + Prayer

236.01We must try to build as many correct relationships, correct qualities, Hassadim, between us in the group as possible and not wait. Usually the inner Klipa persuades a person: “Wait and you will receive everything. The Creator will take pity on you and help you.”

But without our request, without awakening from below, that is, without beginning to work, we will not get help from above. You must know this.

People have been standing on one spot for years waiting for the Creator to give them spirituality. But you have not started working! You must start, and when you are pleading that everything is about to collapse and an unbearable burden is about to fall upon your back, then the Creator will help you. This moment needs to be held and realized. This is the secret of the spiritual work: we start, and the Creator finishes; this is so in every action.

I must act as if everything depends on me. And if in the middle of the way I suddenly find that I can not cope on my own, then I will add a prayer to the actions. Thus, my work and prayer together create the conditions for this to be realized. Remember this, start implementing it, and you will see how it opens the path for you. Step by step, you will certainly move forward.

A person waits for many years and does not want to start the work himself, waiting for a miracle from above. Our egoism convinces us: “Wait, the Creator will take pity on you, He will come, do everything, and reveal Himself to you.” But it will not happen! Until we start working and see that we are not able to cope and then ask for help, the Creator will not come and do it.

It is said: “The Lord will finish for me.” But it is precisely: “He will finish.” It is my responsibility to start it. Therefore, anyone who complains that he has been studying for many years and has not seen success, he simply did not work correctly. He had to start the work, find out that nothing comes out of it, raise a prayer, and demand that the Creator take part in it. Then you will see that He will help.

The Creator wants to participate in your work but only together with you in the same way as we do with children. If a child starts something himself and then an adult helps him, then the child understands how it needs to be done and learns. This work is called the work of the Creator, not of a man. After all, the Creator does it! But only when the person really needs help.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/20, “Sukkot

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