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My Thoughts On Twitter 2/8/21

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Can it really be, that only beyond the threshold of despair, the nation will hear that the remedy against each and every problem is only for people to simply come closer to one another? But the virus is leading us to this understanding through a useless, across-the-board vaccine…
From Twitter, 2/8/21

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The Rules Of The Great Sages

290Comment: The past year has not been easy. Everyone has different predictions for what lays ahead—from the most difficult to optimistic ones like, for example, Gates.

Great leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Roosevelt, and  Churchill reacted to the threats of their time, of course, but they always looked beyond the horizon, whatever it may be, and turned everyone on with their vision.

Their rules were: “Take time to reflect on the future.” “Develop a strategy for moving from an imagined future back here, to this day.” “And get ready to learn, do not be afraid to change course and so unite the team.”

My Response: Not a single leader of today can implement his egoistic, personal program as those leaders of the past could. Today’s course is aimed at all of humanity at the same time! Those were leaders of nations. It was easier for them.

Question: Should today’s leader look at all of humanity?

Answer: Otherwise, he will not be able to understand where this is all going. Therefore, none of them is able to do anything.

Question: That is, if we say: “Take time to understand the future,” we are talking about the future of the whole world?

Answer: Yes. Because we have already entered the integral system.

Question: So a leader of such worldwide thinking can only be, by and large, a sage who views the world as a single organ, a single organism?

Answer: Yes. It is a person who was pre-created by nature in integral thinking. Otherwise, he will not be able to understand what is happening.

Question: And how do you come from this vision of the future to today? What do you say we need to do today?

Answer: I am trying to consider today knowing that the world is moving toward integral relationships, in a good way, bad way, whatever. It does not matter how many stops and what they will be, but the next state of the world is an integral humanity, interconnected and consciously aware that it should be together.

If we perceive the picture of the world in this way, then, we will naturally imagine how good it would be for us to move toward it. And for this we need an educational system, a system of upbringing, and a dissemination system. In general, there are many, many such subsystems.

Question: Is that why you are talking about the most important thing now—education? Is it in upbringing seeing this future?

Answer: Yes, everything depends on it. If we somehow get closer to this, we will be fine. If not, then nature will keep squeezing us until we realize it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/31/20

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Our Secret Intentions

294.2Our intentions actually rule the world, they define the world. But these are intentions that we ourselves are not aware of.

Intentions are my thoughts about what I would like to see, how I would like to see the world, myself in it, others, and so on.

Today, if our intentions were manifested into the word, there would be no world anymore.

Question: So do we have the intention to destroy now?

Answer: Absolutely! The destruction of others, everyone, and everything.

Question: Is that why they do not manifest?

Answer: Yes. We are not given strength precisely because it would go to destruction.

Question: At what point will we be given the strength? What will we see then?

Answer: When we will have the right intentions in accordance with the plan of nature, then we will begin to receive the strength to implement it. The right intentions are for rapprochement, unity, connection, attainment of the highest level of nature, the revelation of mutual connection, and love.

Question: If this intention were revealed, what would we see?

Answer: That we are originally in a single system, and all our attempts to exist until now have been only in the opposite direction—to break this system.

Question: What should we do to reveal our intentions?

Answer: We should try with all our strength to break through the wall of this egoism that does not allow us to realize, to make any movement, to connect somehow, or to ask. The main thing is to ask.

Question: At what point will I ask?

Answer: When you see that you really want to, but you cannot.

Question: What prevents the Creator from simply giving us all this and that is it? Why does He need our work?

Answer: If you do not want it, how can I give it to you? This is coercion. It does not exist in spirituality.

Question: Should He bring us to the state that we will ask: “Give us the opportunity to break out of our egoism”?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does He have to show us that our egoism is destructive, murderous?

Answer: But if He would show us, then we would simply not be able to exist. We need to strive for this ourselves, and then, to the extent of our striving, we will realize that we are in the opposite state and we will ask.

Question: Is our whole task to strive for connection, for unity, for good thoughts? Then we will see that we cannot do it and we will ask: “Give us the opportunity.” Is that the plan?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/31/20

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“What Is Every Single Benefit Of Physical Pain?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What is every single benefit of physical pain?

Pain protects us by making us feel a boundary, where if we cross it, then we enter a danger zone.

We typically want to simply not feel pain, and if we feel it, we want it to disappear right away. Together with this tendency, it is worthwhile to add a scrutiny of why we feel pain, and how we can get rid of it. Or on the contrary, it could be that we feel pain due to a disease that surfaces, which is a sign that we need to get ourselves treated.

However, more importantly, we should understand that our nature is a desire to enjoy, which wishes to move away from pain and move toward pleasure, enjoyment and happiness. What, then, stands between our experience of total enjoyment and happiness in life compared to a life full of various pains? It is simply a different screen by which we can perceive and sense reality.

In order to achieve this change where we perceive and sense a world full of goodness and happiness, we need only connect with our desires and apply efforts to change them so that we will start perceiving everything in our world as good, enjoyable and pleasant.

This is an inner change that requires us wanting to give others everything that is good for them, and then in return, we will receive all the goodness that we want for ourselves.

If we make such a transformation, then we will experience utter perfection and happiness, or as it is expressed in the Torah, “a land of milk and honey.”

It all depends on our desire to give to others. The moment we get rid of our egoistic intention to receive at the expense of others, and replace it with an altruistic intention solely to benefit others, then when we attain such a giving desire, we will see that there is an abundance of everything good in life in front of us, and we will want only to give that abundance to others. It can be likened to all the gold, silver and diamonds in the world suddenly appearing right in front of our very eyes the moment we have no intention to receive any of it for ourselves, but only wish for others to benefit from it. When we reach such a degree in our intention, then we will experience total perfection and happiness.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

On The Right Path

552.02Comment: I often see myself as if from the outside. Sometimes I feel fear, joy, or concern. I have the feeling that it is not me. It is as if I am observing myself: now I am afraid and shaking, now I strongly desire something.

My Response: This is wonderful! You have been taught who you really are: good, wicked, afraid, or the opposite. But actually, none of those are you.

You have been shown how all kinds of feelings change in you from minus to plus, in both directions. As a result, you begin to attain yourself, meaning, the one who is behind these sensations. This revelation is yet to come, but it is already a move in the right direction.

So, good luck! Keep going.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/15/19

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Moses—The Manifestation Of The Point In The Heart

527.03Question: Is Moshe (Moses) a power within a person?

Answer: Yes. This is a manifestation of the point-in-the-heart, which at some stage occurs in a person or in a group.

Question: What is the difference between Moses and Abraham?

Answer: This is the same striving for the Creator, but on different levels.

The point-in-the-heart begins to develop, to swell at the cost of egoism. It takes on all the egoistic qualities and forms. Otherwise, it is impossible to start acting toward the Creator if we do not plunge into egoism. Therefore, Moses must plunge into the ego, it is no wonder he was brought up in Pharaoh’s palace by Pharaoh’s daughter Batya. After that, he is ready for his mission.

But to fulfill it, he needs to completely break away from his adopted grandfather and foster mother. Then there is a state where he is forced to flee from Egypt even though he is a prince. He runs away.

He runs away, as they say, abroad, where he meets his future wife Zipporah, the daughter of Jethro. They have two children. But after a while, he returns to Egypt again, leaving his wife and children.

Question: When you tell this, do you not imagine all these people who went somewhere, came, and gave birth to children?

Answer: No, of course not. But that is how it is written. Very easy!

Question: If we consider these events from the point of view of the ten, where am I running away from the ten? What is going on in it?

Answer: You are not running away from the ten. When people in the ten begin to realize that they cannot reach the Creator, then they have a precise definition of what their essence, their spiritual root, is.

They begin to unite even more among themselves. They reach the point-in-the-heart, which is called Moses, and begin to work around it. In the end, they find that this point is under the authority of Pharaoh, under the authority of their egoism, and therefore there is no hope of rising above it, to the point that they are forced to completely abandon its use, yet mechanically, artificially.

Question: What does it mean: Moses runs away and lives in the desert for 40 years?

Answer: This means that he breaks away from his egoism and does not want to use it. This is not yet an exit from Egypt, but it is already a breakaway.

Moses (the-point-in-the-heart) exists as if separate from, independent of egoism. Therefore, when he returns to Egypt, he is absolutely the opposite of Pharaoh. He does not look at him as his grandfather. This is a brand-new personality that comes and demands: “You must let my people go.”
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/15/19

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What Does The World Expect From The Jews?

508.1Question: We understand that Jews are a special people, they have been given great strength. Why was it given to them?

Answer: Jews are not a people, but an assembly of all the peoples of the world. After all, representatives of each of the 70 peoples who inhabited that part of the earth joined Abraham, who lived in Ancient Babylon.

They agreed to unite to reveal the Creator and get out of the crisis that arose as a result of hatred that flared up between all small nations.

Therefore, the Jews are a collection of 70 nations of the world who united among themselves. And if today they can unite again and reveal the property of the Creator in themselves, then at the same time they will pass this opportunity to the whole world.

In the meantime, the whole world instinctively hates them for the fact that they have a method of unification, but they do not implement it. The peoples of the world subconsciously feel that the Jews have some kind of secret that they hide. This is a very useful and necessary thing for everyone, and they have it.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 3/20/19

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Why Do Jews Not Show An Example Of Love?

538Question: Everything you say is very logical and agrees with my worldview, but one question always arises. Why doesn’t the source of this knowledge, the Jews, strive to unite with other nations?

Why do the bearers of wisdom themselves not show an example of love, dedication, equality, tolerance, and altruism? What prevents them from living according to the laws of Kabbalah?

Answer: It is the greatest egoism that exists in them. This is really their big problem.

If you want, you can read the article called “Introduction to The Book of Zohar.” There, at the end of the article, you will find the answer.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 12/31/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 2/8/21

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Lesson on the Topic of “Love Will Cover All Crimes” (Preparation for the Convention 2021)

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