The Higher Desire, “Moses”


When of all the people the Creator called only Moses and no one else, it meant: “Moshe, I know you’re upset that denied the opportunity, as all the others, to contribute to the construction of the Tabernacle of the Covenant.

“But you shall know that you have another task, more important than theirs. Their job is finished; your work is just beginning now. I urge you in the Tabernacle to give you the instructions about the sacrifices that you explain, and then pass them to the people. Your teaching the Torah to the people is dearer to me than their gold and silver offerings.” [“The Great Commentary”]

This speaks about work on a higher level of attainment. Suppose that a person builds his house and after the construction of the building, there is the finishing work and equipping the interior of the home. The construction of the building is an easy job, which is usually performed by construction workers. And inside the house, a higher order of work is done.

That is also how it is with spiritual work, everything depends on the level of the desire to receive: 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. The work of “Moses” is the highest work of the last level that we divide into many different sublevels: Cohens, Levites and so on; everything that the person does with the help of his higher desire is called “Moses.” Desires on a lower level, build the tabernacle. On an even lower level, those found around the tabernacle are doing work around it, and so on. So every spiritual level is completely different in relation to the other levels.

When a person carries out spiritual actions on various levels, each time he has a new understanding. For example, the world of Assiya (the lowest level) is the level of action. The next world is the world of Yetzira, which is creating. The world of Beria is found on a level of creation in which the person becomes a partner of the upper force. Atzilut is the world of intentions. The person who is involved in its general work rises gradually up the ladder of worlds and passes through all four levels of work, and their highest level is the level of “Moses.”

Question: Does it make sense that now when the tabernacle is ready, it is necessary to begin to purify it? In other words when Moses purifies the tabernacle, does he bring sacrifices?

Answer: No, after everything is ready, the work with the prepared Kli begins.

This is because the tabernacle, the courtyard, and everything that is found in the tabernacle, including the decorations, are not physical parts, but parts of the soul of the person. They have already been corrected and are compatible with each other; the feelings and the intention of the person are in a particular relationship and all of his desires and thoughts are directed towards bestowal to others and through the others to the Creator, as it is said, “From love of the people to love of the Creator.” Otherwise, love of others won’t bring any benefit and we don’t attain the goal, because the other is the Creator. In any case, we must maintain this arrangement all the time—from love of others to love of the Creator.

So we must connect the entire equation so that it can be discovered within the person, meaning all of the emotions, thoughts, the relationships towards the environment, the group, the people, in a small or large group of people. This is the soul of the person.

In our world, this formula is realized among the people. But when a person begins to work with it, he begins to feel not the people, but his inner thoughts and desires. And if he connects with them in spite of his ego, he feels that he has resistance, which is called the “evil inclination.” If he corrects it, he begins to feel the Creator within it. It is then said that the inhabitant is found within the tabernacle.

Question: What does it mean that the Creator turns to Moses regarding the more important work, which is explaining the sacrificial laws to the people?

Answer: Moses is that part of our soul that is in contact with the Creator. Through him we receive all the commands, discoveries, and clarifications, everything that is required for us to resemble the Creator and ascend to the level of bestowal and love, to the level of “Adam,” the level of the “Tree of Knowledge.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/13/13

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