Servants Of Their Own Freewill

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus” 25:39 – 25:41: And if your brother becomes destitute with you, and is sold to you, do not work him with slave labor. As an employee or a [hired] resident, he shall be with you; until the Jubilee year he shall work with you. Then, he shall leave you he, and his children with him, and he shall return to his family and resume the status of his fathers.

If I have desires that are not ready to exist separately, I must keep them with me and with all seriousness, “stand them on their feet.” After finishing all the work on the entire cluster of desires, they detach and move away from me independently and continue their independent existence.

We are always talking about desires and not about bodies. This speaks about a schema in which an immense desire exploded into 600,000 parts that must be reconnected with each other to transform again into one general whole, even though egosim and mutual rejection is burning within them. All of this remains, but it is covered and neutralized through love.

It follows that this tremendous ego and tremendous love, which is created between them thanks to the ego, remain and gather intensity, inner attainment, and inner unity with the Creator. Therefore, all the problems are only needed to reveal more obviously the state of our unification with the Creator. Everything revolves around this; there isn’t anything else.

Servants are those desires that cannot be independent, so they seem to have been sold into slavery. That is, I agree that that it is necessary for me, like a small child,  to be ruled by someone great, because there is evil in me and I want someone more mature than me to manage me, otherwise I will go on in a bad way. So, I agree with this voluntarily.

A person who cannot serve and take care of his ego by himself is subordinate to another person (a greater ego) and if adhered to him, is ready to work with him for his ego, because in this case, the one who is greater will protect him and take care of him. This is like a child who compensates his parents by giving them pleasure. That is how nature created us. I give my parents pleasure and in exchange they take care of me. And if nature hadn’t created me such that merely through my existence I gave pleasure to my parents, they would not be concerned about taking care of me. So the servant gives pleasure to his master and is ready to work for his sake. And the master takes responsibility for him, for his life and the satisfaction of his needs.

In our world, we incorrectly understand slavery. Slavery is a state that one enters with his own free will. As long as I want to be a servant, I remain a servant. And if I prove that I want to be freed from the shackles of servitude, this will happen immediately. We see this in the example of the Exodus from Egypt, which represents egoistic servitude. If you want to abandon the ego, then please, all that remains is to show your desires: what you are ready for.

Am I ready to live independently, without the ego, and get fulfillment and food for myself, to work on the development of this process? Do I understand that this is not for the sake of the ego, but for the sake of the Creator? How must this be realized? If I show proof of all of this, then the way is open.

Question: But from a spiritual point of view, a servant wants to have a master, for this is sweet for him, this is a good situation. Why should he leave it?

Answer: Incidentally, that is how it was. Slavery was not submission and subjugation! But I have to show that I have matured, that I want to and can take care of myself and my family. I no longer have a need for a master who manages me; I am ready to manage myself. And the ego that controls me, whispers to me: “What do you want this for, why? Live in comfort!”

We see that seven billion people want to be slaves. There is no one who wants to become independent in place of the Creator, meaning to care about everyone. Nobody wants this! Everyone wants the conventional material prosperity, swirling among them, helping each other within their little closed circle. This is their small world, and what is outside of it doesn’t interest them. After all, in a small circle, I feel everyone else like myself. Whereas in a large circle, I need to go outside of the boundaries of my self. It follows that society has not yet developed sufficiently.

I feel partnership only with someone who is equal to me and I am not ashamed of that. The main thing is that I will be like him and he will be like me. We aspire to it and pay careful attention to this. The entire goal of our existence is to feed our beast (the physical body), and bring a person to a state of absolute equality with everyone. This creates a very interesting situation, a natural communism, where people exist according to the laws of nature, satisfied with only the minimum necessities of existence.

Suppose that I raised carrots, cabbage, and potatoes in my garden. For the winter I have five sacks of potatoes, two sacks of cabbage and I don’t need anything more. Why should I work anymore and toil for someone else? Would it be for how the neighbors will look at this?! Why should I suddenly tear down the borders of my circle? That is how we live.

Comment: It is amazing, but 70% – 80% of people really don’t even want to expand their plot of land, because what they have is sufficient for them.

Answer: And this is a natural communism that is revealed on the animal level. After all, animals in the forest search for their food for for that day, and the next day they search for something else. Whereas among people, this is revealed a bit differently. They know in advance what they minimally need to live.

Is it possible to rise above this state? It must try to do so with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah, that begins developing desires not in a negative direction, in the direction of the ego, but in a positive direction, towards altruism. Equally altruistic and egoistic components will grow in people. That is how they gradually grow.

Comment: It is interesting that sociologists have tried to awaken people, calling upon them to develop a business and realizing that they cannot motivate them to do this.

Answer: Business for people like these symbolizes going out of their normal balance. They feel that they are in the right situation that is good for them; they don’t need anything more. They have something to wear, something to eat, and this is enough. And if something is broken somewhere, they will do a little fixing, put in some kind of board and that is how they will continue to live. As said in a Russian proverb: “A peasant will not cross himself before it begins to thunder.” Only an urgent need will force him to do something.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks precisely about this level, but not in such an anarchistic form when a persons completely irrelevant. It explains that the correct next state of humanity is concern for oneself and others. But this is only on a level of existence necessary for living; everything else is directed towards spiritual development.

So, if Kabbalists come to these people and will work on their inner development, without taking them out of the same good situation they are in, then the soul will begin to be developed in them. If a person works for himself, believing that he have nothing more, he will continue to work for himself, and the Kabbalists will develop a his soul, adding spiritual egoism, not physical.

Question: Is it possible to call the present existence of these people slavery?

Answer: No, for these people have a feeling of freedom. I take care of myself, I help my neighbor because he will help me in turn. We depend upon each other. We are like one family. I don’t think about more than this. So I am free!

Question: And if we add a spiritual component to this, is it possible to expand the circle gradually?

Answer: No. It is not necessary to expand the circle, but only to increase the connection between people. After all, people live to feel goodness in themselves and enjoy each other. But in fact, it is specifically the Kabbalists who make this component of pleasure among them.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book“ 11/12/14

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