External Actions And Internal Intentions

559Question: I know that Kabbalah engages in scrutinizing the intention, which is, from its point of view, action. How should intention and action be combined since it is not always possible through an action to determine how good the intention is?

Answer: We must educate a person so that he acts in accordance with his intentions. And then through his external actions, we will begin to understand his internal intention.

Question: Still, we must evaluate a person by his actions?

Answer: We cannot. We do not really know what his intentions are.

Rabash gives a very good example of this: a child is crying, rolling hysterically on the floor, and his father is standing nearby doing nothing. Passers-by ask: “Why do you treat the child this way?” The father replies: “My little son is asking for a pin to poke his eye. I am ready to take him to the doctor, but he does not want to go.”

In this example, we see that external understanding of an external action does not say anything.

Question: So the intention is hidden from us. We cannot determine human morality by external actions. And what is the solution?

Answer: The solution is to come to a state when we can feel the inner desires, intentions, and actions of people, not from the outside as we see them in this world, but from the inside. To do this, we need to rise to the level of the upper world, and we will see the intentions of a person and not his physical actions.

Question: Do you personally never look at the external actions of a person? Are they not important to you?

Answer: It is the external actions of a person that are important to me because we live in such a period of correction when these actions also affect everyone else and draw them in the right direction. Therefore, you need to verify to what extent they show others the right path.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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