Natural Laws And Legal Norms

600.02Question: You write that love for one’s neighbor and mutual guarantee (Arvut) are laws of nature. Therefore, non-observance of these causes all the problems and cataclysms that humanity has faced throughout history.

Is it possible to scientifically prove and show the damage from non-observance of these laws, and then introduce them as legal norms so that they are protected by the state at least in an external manifestation, not to mention sensory one?

Answer: You cannot impose laws and rules of behavior on society that it cannot follow, although they are beautiful, correct, and perhaps, even true. They do exist in nature.

But humanity has not yet matured to the need to fulfill them. It can do only what it realizes, sees as a necessity, understands how to realize these laws in itself, and create a framework that protects them, etc.

For example, we know that there is a law of mutual guarantee (Arvut), according to which living organisms interact at lower levels, but we cannot introduce it as a state law because people will still not be able to comply with it.

We reveal physical, chemical, and other laws of still, vegetative, and animate nature, which is in front of us and we are in. By comprehending these laws, we explain them to everyone, because failure to comply with them immediately entails punishment. But in nature there are such laws that the implementation or non-fulfillment of them does not entail momentary reward or punishment.

Question: We do not see the consequences immediately? Or do we see, but cannot connect the cause with the effect?

Answer: Yes. Therefore, we cannot introduce these laws of nature as laws of society. We must pull up society to the point that it realizes or sees with its own eyes their action at the level of earthly sciences. Or so that it feels it inside itself as the laws of moral behavior, correct interaction.

Then you can enter them. Otherwise, you will break society, make revolutions, and you will get what was in Russia when good relations were forcibly introduced between people, although, being egoistic, they did not at all understand why this was required of them.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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