Why Are The Laws Of Humanity Hidden From Us?

laitman_281_01Question: Do clear laws exist for mutual cooperation between people, as they do for the laws of physics?

Answer: Such laws exist, but they are hidden from us. In every physical system, a switch exists between its elements to maintain balance, its working state, and so forth. Precise formulas also exist for preserving the system of human society. There is a general system of control.

The first articles by Rabash can be used as an example; in them it is said:

  • You must be higher than others,
  • You must be lower than others,
  • You must be equal to others,
  • You must be concerned about the existence of an intermediary component.

This is the entire law.

There is nothing else besides the laws of switching of people in a group, a group of ten! This is the main law of nature from which it is possible to derive all the rest of the laws.

Question: Why did people first begin to discover the physical laws, but were not concerned about discovering the laws of human connection first?

Answer: It is because the ego repels people from the laws of human connections. And it is the opposite for the laws of nature; it attracts people. Helped by knowing the laws of nature, a person can influence, manage, and control! But the laws of human nature say that a person must be equal with everyone, he must be concerned about everyone.

A person is interested in everything except in building the right mutual connection. `But the human, societal system is the highest system that exists in nature. If you balance it and make order in it, within it, the person begins to feel the next level of creation.

All the more so, for correction to happen it is enough to build the right connections on the level of a group of ten. With less than a group of ten, it is difficult to do this. With more than a group of ten, it is impossible because the focus is dispersed. Ten people is the optimal situation. We were created such that a group of ten is the maximal condition required for us, like in mathematics.

Question: Why is this hidden from us? Why do we know all the laws of nature on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate, but we have not yet discovered the laws of human society?

Answer: The laws are discovered according to the degree of our development. A person who is not developed is not ready to discover these laws, just as it is impossible to talk with a small child about the discoveries of Tesla.

Besides that, a lot depends on the perception of the person. For one person, human relationships present no difficulty; for another person, this is a closed subject. A person is generally not interested in this aspect of life until he begins to study the wisdom of Kabbalah. Within the wisdom of Kabbalah, he discovers his relationships with the Creator.

Only after that does a person gradually begin to feel that there are all kinds of mutual relationships between people. This understanding comes through the upper world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/2/16

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