Where Is The Intention?

laitman_543_01Question: What is intention and how is it possible to manage it?

Answer: Intention is the main thing in the relationship of a person to the world; it is precisely what he wants.

If a person wants to exist egoistically, normally, and peacefully, his actions are directed downward, toward this world. But if he yearns to attain the upper force the Creator, the mission and goal of acquiring His status in the next dimension, then his intention is absolutely different. It is up to a person to decide for what he longs.

The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t close a person to anything. You can continue to do everything you want without limiting yourself. All you must do is try to discover how to summon the upper force so it will develop you at your own pace, not at the pace the rest of humanity is developing.

Question: Where does this intention reside, in the heart or in the mind?

Answer: Actually the intention doesn’t live anywhere, just like forces and desires. It seems to us that it is imprisoned within some kind of geometric or geographic space, but it doesn’t actually exist even in an N-dimensional space much less in three-dimensional space.

It is difficult for us to describe. But this illusion vanishes very rapidly and a Kabbalist begins to understand that he is actually contending with a space of desires.

We ourselves are desire. We actually don’t exist today in bodies, which seem to us like proteinaceous matter. The entire world and everything around us are energetic fields.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/21/16

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