Our Secret Intentions

294.2Our intentions actually rule the world, they define the world. But these are intentions that we ourselves are not aware of.

Intentions are my thoughts about what I would like to see, how I would like to see the world, myself in it, others, and so on.

Today, if our intentions were manifested into the word, there would be no world anymore.

Question: So do we have the intention to destroy now?

Answer: Absolutely! The destruction of others, everyone, and everything.

Question: Is that why they do not manifest?

Answer: Yes. We are not given strength precisely because it would go to destruction.

Question: At what point will we be given the strength? What will we see then?

Answer: When we will have the right intentions in accordance with the plan of nature, then we will begin to receive the strength to implement it. The right intentions are for rapprochement, unity, connection, attainment of the highest level of nature, the revelation of mutual connection, and love.

Question: If this intention were revealed, what would we see?

Answer: That we are originally in a single system, and all our attempts to exist until now have been only in the opposite direction—to break this system.

Question: What should we do to reveal our intentions?

Answer: We should try with all our strength to break through the wall of this egoism that does not allow us to realize, to make any movement, to connect somehow, or to ask. The main thing is to ask.

Question: At what point will I ask?

Answer: When you see that you really want to, but you cannot.

Question: What prevents the Creator from simply giving us all this and that is it? Why does He need our work?

Answer: If you do not want it, how can I give it to you? This is coercion. It does not exist in spirituality.

Question: Should He bring us to the state that we will ask: “Give us the opportunity to break out of our egoism”?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does He have to show us that our egoism is destructive, murderous?

Answer: But if He would show us, then we would simply not be able to exist. We need to strive for this ourselves, and then, to the extent of our striving, we will realize that we are in the opposite state and we will ask.

Question: Is our whole task to strive for connection, for unity, for good thoughts? Then we will see that we cannot do it and we will ask: “Give us the opportunity.” Is that the plan?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/31/20

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