The Rules Of The Great Sages

290Comment: The past year has not been easy. Everyone has different predictions for what lays ahead—from the most difficult to optimistic ones like, for example, Gates.

Great leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Roosevelt, and  Churchill reacted to the threats of their time, of course, but they always looked beyond the horizon, whatever it may be, and turned everyone on with their vision.

Their rules were: “Take time to reflect on the future.” “Develop a strategy for moving from an imagined future back here, to this day.” “And get ready to learn, do not be afraid to change course and so unite the team.”

My Response: Not a single leader of today can implement his egoistic, personal program as those leaders of the past could. Today’s course is aimed at all of humanity at the same time! Those were leaders of nations. It was easier for them.

Question: Should today’s leader look at all of humanity?

Answer: Otherwise, he will not be able to understand where this is all going. Therefore, none of them is able to do anything.

Question: That is, if we say: “Take time to understand the future,” we are talking about the future of the whole world?

Answer: Yes. Because we have already entered the integral system.

Question: So a leader of such worldwide thinking can only be, by and large, a sage who views the world as a single organ, a single organism?

Answer: Yes. It is a person who was pre-created by nature in integral thinking. Otherwise, he will not be able to understand what is happening.

Question: And how do you come from this vision of the future to today? What do you say we need to do today?

Answer: I am trying to consider today knowing that the world is moving toward integral relationships, in a good way, bad way, whatever. It does not matter how many stops and what they will be, but the next state of the world is an integral humanity, interconnected and consciously aware that it should be together.

If we perceive the picture of the world in this way, then, we will naturally imagine how good it would be for us to move toward it. And for this we need an educational system, a system of upbringing, and a dissemination system. In general, there are many, many such subsystems.

Question: Is that why you are talking about the most important thing now—education? Is it in upbringing seeing this future?

Answer: Yes, everything depends on it. If we somehow get closer to this, we will be fine. If not, then nature will keep squeezing us until we realize it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/31/20

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