My Thoughts On Twitter 2/4/21

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The #Creator hears only the #prayer—the request, which a group of people creates together —to become similar to Him. No other requests are accepted!

The fact that the Euro-vaccination isn’t working, especially in #Israel—places Israel against the #EU, and will help us realize more quickly that the solution to the problem lies in the #Jews as carriers of the method to correct man – society – the world.

Everything happening now is aimed at showing that the EGO is the root of the problem…
#coronavirus #ego

Since the aim of the #pandemic is to push the world toward egoism’s correction, the virus will not disappear. #Jews will suffer most of all, until they understand their mission: to set a personal example of unity for the world. Only then will the world’s problems go away, the era of the Redeemer (from the ego) will come and the #prophecies will come true.
#jewish #COVID19

USA Treasure Secretary J. #Yellen: “It’s going to be many years until we get back to 100% #employment
Me: The world will not go back to the prior system, of aspiring to 100% employment. The era of minimum employment and resource consumption is upon us. The entire population will be engaged in social education.

Ministry of Health: “The fight against the epidemic in #Israel is a complete failure”
We (the BB organization) said this a long time ago because the #pandemic and future problems appear only so we will shift from competition to unity, and only unity will be everyone’s only goal. Then the pandemic will disappear!
#COVID19 #coronavirus
From Twitter, 2/4/21

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