Preparation For The Work Of The Creator

275In order to build a spiritual vessel, we need to collect its shattered fragments and connect them into a single soul. By increasing this connection, we get closer and closer to the form of the Creator who will appear in both quantity and quality within us.

This is the actual work and there is nothing else. The upper light is in complete rest, only the vessel is missing.

This vessel does not exist in one person, but is created only when we are included in each other trying to repair all the cracks between us in order to become as similar as possible to the Creator.

The re-establishment of the broken vessel into a single body, attaching to it all its organs, strength, and spiritual qualities is called the revival of the dead. This is only possible through integration between us. In this way, we assemble the image of the Creator, His qualities, as it is written “You have made Me.”

Then we understand more clearly that there is not a single suitable, ready-made property, desire, or intention in us that can be used for this structure. We cannot use any desire, thought, intention, or quality that we have because there is nothing perfect, correct, or broken in any of us.

All of us are the result of a complete, final shattering arranged by the Creator, and only through connection and integration between us can we find vessels suitable for correction. When we try to connect with our desires, intentions, and thoughts, and we see that we cannot achieve that, then we reveal that only by the Creator becoming our partner can do this work.

That is when we really need the Creator and we do not just cry in advance. The Creator must finish for us the work we started. After we have made an effort and discovered the place of His work, recognizing that we cannot integrate with each other by ourselves and need the help of the Creator, we feel a real deficiency for the Creator and turn to Him.

Then the Creator, acting from the state of final correction, glues together our cracks, which seemed wrong and not ready, and directs us toward integration and unity. He makes from us one Kli in which He can be revealed both as the one who does this work and as the one who shows us the essence of the unity, which is Himself.

Therefore, there is no need to regret and be ashamed that we do not have not only any correct quality but even a broken one. Even the broken qualities we still need to collect, extracting them from our connection. Only then do we understand that we are completely unable to connect and even more so to be integrated with each other and that all this is the work of the Creator.

He must make corrections and connect all the cracks. Our work is only to ask Him for it, to demand it, to beg for it. This is our correct partnership. The Creator only needs our desire to connect into one whole in order to reveal Him as a single force. This is our work, our prayer, and our final state.

Therefore, it is not a big deal that working in the ten we do not see suitable qualities in us and cannot imagine the exact place of work. This is how it should be, it happens to everyone. We only have to search for the opportunity to reach this integration between us, and the Creator will make it happen.

We do not understand the form of this integration; our task is only to make all the necessary preparations, and the Creator will finish this work for us, making us a perfect Kli. The light that needs to dress into the vessel will also do the correction, as it is written: “I am the first, and I am the last.” Everything is done by the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/2/21, “Mingling/Inclusion”

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