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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Jewish people are very complicated. On the one hand, they are called “stiff-necked,” meaning that they are the most egoistic. On the other hand, they must achieve and reach love, mutual cooperation, and positive qualities. How are these integrated together? How do people look that have a connection with the higher power?

Answer: People who are connected with the higher power are unique people. They are connected as one person with one heart thanks to mutual love above the ego that separates us. There are forces among us that distance us from each other, but instead of staying separate, we connect above those forces.

That is, we are under pressure from forces of separation and build unifying forces above them. That is how we strengthen ourselves under tension. Thanks to the separation and difference between these potentials, an enormous force appears within us.

After all, there is a force that separates us from our desire to be together and another force that connects us and overcomes our resistance. As much as the tension between these forces grows, the more strongly they reveal to us the higher power, the Creator. He is discovered specifically within this pressure, in the tension between the two forces.

Within this unity and connection that is built above the separation, we discover the higher power, the characteristic of bestowal and love that exists around us. From these two forces of separation and connection we shape a new sense for discovering the Creator called the “soul.”

The soul is the condition for detecting the force of bestowal and love that is hidden in nature. Today we haven’t discovered it because we don’t have the necessary sense organ to do so. If  we  want to discover it, we need to learn like the people who gathered around Abraham did who were taught to construct this new sense based upon great separation. Those who came to Abraham were not naïve children; rather, they were great egoists demanding real explanations and discovery, an understanding of the meaning of life and the ways of attaining reality.

We see that our civilization has exhausted itself: We have reached the peak of development, but have not yet attained happiness. We are beginning to tear each other apart from desperation, from misunderstanding.

It was Abraham who taught people how to discover the force of connection that exists in nature. By studying this force of connection and unity, we begin to see that our lives on the face of the earth, in this world, are only an introduction, a preparation, for a completely different life!

In this new life we stop feeling the world of the still, vegetative, and animate, physical objects and bodies, and this universe. We understand  that we have come into this world only to create a network of connections between us built from our natural power of reception, from the ego, and from the bestowal and love from above that covers it.

Through our building a network like this, we begin to live within it. And this is called the “world to come.” It is then that the perception of our previous physical reality, which we now feel, will disappear and we will enter into a completely different reality in which life is eternal, infinite, and perfect.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/25/14

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