A Jew Cannot Runaway From Himself


Question: Does history teach us anything?

Answer: History doesn’t teach us anything. History cannot teach us anything. History will repeat itself until the Jews change it. On the whole we see in everything that happens, a direct instruction that we need to act.

Comment: Your conclusion is paradoxical for many. According to what you say Europe will not be able to do anything while the Jews, Israel, can impact what happens in Europe and in the world.

My Response: Yes.

Comment: I expect angry comments in response to what you say.

My Response: I have gotten used to comments, attacks and insults. Thirty years ago we spoke about what will happen and it is happening today, so you can learn from that that I am telling the truth. The truth is in nature, and the wisdom of Kabbalah takes the data and conveys them to you.

Comment: The idea that the Jewish people are chosen invokes anger.

My Response: Which Jew will not want to get rid of the title of being chosen, of the fact that the Creator has chosen us? This is the burden that we carry.

Question: Are the Jews forbidden to live in peace and quiet like everyone else?

Answer: No, it will not work. It is not a cross but a Star of David that we need to carry.

Question: How is being chosen by the Creator expressed?

Answer: By having to take the management of the world into our own hands and to guide the world to the good, to show the world that it is possible to unite. The good force will be revealed in the world only if we unite.

We need to attain the highest level of human development, love thy friend as thyself. Is that possible? We need to implement this whether we like it or not and to insert it into the world.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/26/18

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