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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It annoys me when I hear that it is necessary to overcome my condition and accept it with happiness and gratitude. How is this possible in a state of complete powerlessness?

Answer: The first problem is that a person is stuck to his skin. And the Torah is written on parchment. The skin is divided into two layers and the letters of the Torah are written on the inner layer.

The letters are Kelim (vessels) with which we receive the Upper Light. The whole problem is if I am able to differentiate between one skin and another, meaning myself from what I feel. There must be a separation between one and the other. I ask for the Light to come and create a distance, an interval, a range, a division between my “self” and my feelings.

These are two different things. But for a person who is not developed, this becomes a big problem. Many people, like children, get angry at each other, at themselves, and don’t differentiate themselves from their character, their nature. But these are completely different things.

Psychologists differentiate the “self” of a person from his character, from what he is now thinking, in whatever situation he is found. The “self” is a Kli, a machine, a computer, that has its own content, and in a given moment, it can delete all kinds of programs and data and replace them with new ones.

Mature people who have life experience also relate to themselves and to others with forgiveness knowing that everyone has his weaknesses and unpleasant traits. They differentiate the person from his content.

This approach is lacking for people who come to learn the wisdom of Kabbalah. They don’t differentiate themselves, their Kli , from its continuous content. The content may change and I behave and act accordingly. Sometimes I identify myself with this content, with how I was educated, and think that this is me. It follows that the “self” and my ego are inseparable.

But sometimes I get an illumination that helps me differentiate between myself and my ego, my outlook, my perception, my character, and my tastes. I become more objective, both with regard to myself and with the world.

It is necessary to clarify my content with the Light of the Creator and ask for it to be replaced. And then I will not be annoyed when I hear that it is necessary to overcome difficult situations and to try to love the friends. I will look at myself from the side, like an independent expert, and also with what the Torah says. Then I will understand what is filling me at this moment. The Torah will explain to me with what I need to replace my inner contents, to put in a new ink cartridge.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/04/14, Writing of Rabash

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