Round-The-Clock Watch On A Ship

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do we speed up time when we read The Book of Zohar with the right intention?

Answer: We accelerate time the more quickly we clarify the Reshimot (spiritual genes): each one his particular Reshimot and the collective Reshimot together. Within all of us there are particular Reshimot with whose help the collective Reshimot gets its life. With the Reshimot of the group there is a completely different life in comparison to each particular Reshimo that there is in each one of us.

The Reshimot of the group is called the people of Israel, and the particular Reshimot adapt to the shared condition of each one separately. Our advancement essentially depends upon realizing our collective Reshimot. This is like a ship in which some of the people are going to sleep now, and another part begin their watch.

All of them are in all kinds of different states, but the main thing is that the ship sails ahead because those people who must run it are on duty carrying out their work. The same thing also happens in a group: There are those who must rest, there are those who are even a bit idle, because everyone has their own state. But it’s important that those who are awake now and realizing the Reshimot do it responsibly .

But we need to understand that each one has something to do to realize his part in the work. The collective Reshimot is very important, it’s more important than anything, for the Creator doesn’t take account of each one separately, only with the entire ship, with the complete measure which is called a Minyan.

Less than this is not considered at all. If there is no Minyan, this is a sign of not having attained connection with the others, of not having worked enough. All of the work on the ship is to be in connection all the time, which becomes stronger and stronger, and by this the ship goes forward more and more into the depths of the sea. Some go to sleep and some work, but those who are on duty must be responsible, on guard, and concerned for the entire ship. And the collective Reshimot, which is the center of the group, in the heart of the ship, this is what is accepted, and the higher supervision works on us accordingly.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/14, The Zohar

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