To The Light Through The Center Of The Ten

laitman_283.02“The advantage of the light is from within the darkness.” So the Creator sends us various disturbances on the path so that we can see where we stumble, where we come across obstacles, what boundaries we cannot cross, as if we are searching for a passage between trees and stones. Our task is to understand that all the disturbances come from the Creator, besides whom there is nothing else, and most importantly, not to concentrate on the problems themselves but to attribute them all to the Creator and try to rise above them.

The Creator gives us difficulties so that when overcoming them by faith above reason, I will advance through them. This gives satisfaction because I see that there is a ruler in the world who takes care of me, who teaches me in this way. This is exactly how I studied at school where I was given exercises and tasks that I had to solve. It is the same now when the Creator sends me all kinds of difficulties, confuses me, and ruins my mood; I need to attribute it all to Him and through that sweeten the judgments.

At first, everyone does this work individually, but recently we attribute it more and more to the group. That is, I no longer consider my personal disturbances such as a bad mood, confusion, and troubles, but I am concerned with my connection with the group. I do not just attribute the disturbances to the Creator, but I perceive every disturbance as an opportunity to adhere even more to the center of the ten. Thus, I advance by working with the disturbances. In fact, these are not disturbances, but help on the path because in this way the upper force leads us to the goal.

Previously, the goal was to attribute everything to the Creator who is good and does good, but now I also need, through all the disturbances, to direct myself to the center of the group. We will always see how through all the obstacles, descents, personal, common, and global troubles the Creator correctly directs us to the goal, which becomes clearer and clearer.1

The Creator awakens in me the shattered desires, the parts of the shattering, and therefore, they are always revealed as troubles, they hurt me, frighten me, throw me off balance. But I know that all this is given in order to help me and guide me to the purpose of creation. To be correctly directed toward the purpose of creation, I must aim at the center of the group. This, however, is complicated, because it goes beyond the boundaries of my egoistic desire.

I am ready to admit that everything comes from the Creator; after all, who would refuse the connection with the upper force? I am even prepared to perceive all evil as good, it is in my egoistic interests to be protected by a benevolent ruler and hide from all the troubles, like in religion. But the next stage, the center of the ten, is already a step outside of my egoism. Here I need the strong support of the group that I can lean on. Otherwise, I will not even turn to the correct side, but I would sink more and more within myself.

Our job now is to fulfill three conditions:

1. To understand that the upper force is acting in everything and there is nothing else beside it;

2. This force is good that does good;

3. To come to this from the center of the group—this is an additional third condition.

We will then delve deeper into research and reveal additional details there until we reach the true realization. The Creator gives us not one but nine discernments; after all, this is how the upper system is built. The connection of the light with the desire is only possible through the nine discernments of the light and one discernments of the desire. The desire has one inclination: to receive fulfillment. There are nine treats before me and I need to know how to relate to each of them in order to bring contentment to the host.

Therefore, there are the first nine Sefirot and Malchut, and Malchut should bring itself to equivalence with them. Each one in the ten sees himself as Malchut and the friends as the first nine Sefirot. The Creator is revealed to me through the friends in different forms, negative and positive, that awaken envy, anger, and ambition in me, and I must adjust myself every time so that through the bestowal to the nine friends, I bestow to the Creator.

This is how I start to feel that my attitude toward the group gives me the attitude, understanding, and real illustration of the fact that I am acting inside a spiritual Kli. All the spiritual concepts such as direct, reflected, or inner light, Hizdakchut (purification) of the Masach (screen) will be revealed inside the group through its center.

Malchut turns into the first nine Sefirot by supporting them, revealing them, and shining in them. There is no light in the first nine Sefirot until Malchut restricts itself, raises the reflected light, and begins to work with its evil. Then the light will shine in the first nine Sefirot, that is, in the qualities of the Creator in my nine friends. Thanks to the fact that I justify my friends by rejecting my egoism, adhere to them like a small one to the big ones, and value them, I awaken in them the light that I will see.

I will reveal the Creator in them. It turns out that there are no friends anymore, but it is all a manifestation of the Creator toward me.

However, if we do not pass everything through the center of the ten, we simply remain in religion. This is the difference between religion and the wisdom of Kabbalah. Kabbalah requires realization through our connection.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/26/19, The Center of the Ten

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