Mutual Guarantee For The Connection Between Us

75.01Question: People will not be able to reveal a higher power if I do not vouch for them. What is my guarantee?

Answer: In the fact that you, as an elder, as a more experienced person, take upon yourself all states, all possibilities, in order to bring them into connection with yourself and with the whole world.

We are interconnected here. This mutual guarantee comes from the integral system in which we find ourselves. That is, the entire state of the universe, the worlds, is only one, single, integral system.

And each of us acts from the point where he is in this network, like a spider that weaves a web. Each of us is a small spider on which the proper functioning of the entire network depends. I am acting from my point, you are from yours, and he is from his, and so on. If we all interact correctly, the network reaches its maximum, perfect state.

Question: This can be compared with our body, in which different organs seem to vouch for each other.

Answer: Yes. Absolutely based on the same system.

Question: In the body does this happen unconsciously, as programmed? Should we do it consciously?

Answer: We must consciously bring this faulty system to the correct state where we all mutually vouch for each other, complement each other.

Question: What is the reason that no one knows such important information? Why is it laid down so by the program?

Answer: When we are born in this world, we do not know anything about it. We have parents, educators, and teachers who teach us. We live, we exist, we develop somehow, and only then, from the age of 15 to 20, do we begin to creatively, perhaps practically, relate to the world.

The same is true here, both in private spiritual life, when a person comes to Kabbalah and begins to engage in it, and in all of humanity, which passes through thousands of years of its development.

And only in our time, from the 20th century onward, are we entering a state where we can already reveal this system, the laws by which it exists, and begin to understand how we should act in order to bring this system to complete equilibrium. And before that we were like children, we developed unconsciously.

Question: Can we say that the law of mutual guarantee is the law of the existence of a living organism?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/17/18

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