Precious Flower

935The place for the revelation of the Creator in our time, in our generation called the last generation, appears only in mutual guarantee (Arvut). Mutual guarantee is our spiritual vessel. The revelation of the Creator, the entry into the upper world, our entire spiritual existence is implemented only within mutual guarantee.

There is a special force in mutual guarantee. By coming out of myself and being included in the friends, I reveal my soul. It does not exist inside me, and therefore, the upper light cannot enter and correct me. It can only help me integrate with the friends and find the Creator there. That is, my soul is in the friends.

In fact, this is obvious if you look at the spiritual structure. If I am Malchut in the spiritual vessel of the ten Sefirot, then my friends are the nine upper Sefirot. It turns out that when I incorporate with them, I receive the qualities of bestowal from them. It is in this form that I complete my spiritual vessel that was in the friends, and through mutual guarantee each of us helps the other to acquire the qualities of bestowal and be ready for the revelation of the Creator.

Therefore, without implementing mutual guarantee, we will not be able to take a single step on the spiritual path. Only by incorporating with each other, getting closer to each other, connecting and helping each other, do we attract the reforming light and invite the Creator to be revealed in us. This desire alone, to internally connect with each other, is sufficient to raise us from corporality to spirituality.

It is impossible to draw the reforming light alone; I have nowhere to draw it into. I must be incorporated in my friends and then I can draw the light inside this incorporation so that the reforming light would return it to its source. In this way, we receive the spiritual vessel and begin to enter the upper world.

The mutual guarantee is a very deep concept. All spiritual laws proceed from carrying out mutual guarantee. Everything written and said by the Kabbalists comes from what they have attained within mutual guarantee. All of reality is divided in two: outside of the mutual guarantee is corporeality and inside the mutual guarantee is spirituality.

In fact, mutual guarantee is the only thing we need because it is the only action that brings the broken vessel of Adam HaRishon back to correction. Through our yearning to return this desire to connection and unity above egoism and all the disturbances, and through the request to the Creator to help us in this, we reach correction.

We must make sure that the friends reveal the true spiritual deficiency and that the ten connects in both good and bad states. Everyone should feel that they have friends who are ready to do anything for them.

The mutual guarantee is like a flower that needs our constant care in order to grow. After all, this is the very vessel in which the Creator will be revealed, our desires that have reached the correct connection grew and are now revealed because of our common screen. The inner force that holds our desires together and directs them correctly is called mutual guarantee.
From the World Kabbalah Convention “From Ten To One” 6/4/21, “Arvut Inside the Ten,” Lesson 2

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