The Four Languages Of Kabbalah

137There are four languages in Kabbalah that can be used to describe the effect of the light on us and our reaction to it.

The language of the Talmud is a judicial, legal language.

The language of the TANAKH (Torah, Prophets, Holy Scriptures) is a narrative, literary language, the language of the novel.

The language of Hagadot (legends) is a very capacious, interesting language, but at the same time it is very incomprehensible.

The language of Kabbalah is a clear, purely mathematical language of the Sefirot and Partzufim, in which the forces are linked with each other and affect each other. It is accompanied by graphs, drawings, etc.

In accordance with this, there are four types of souls, each of which is close to one or another language. Naturally, all souls understand them based on their spiritual root. But, in the end, as they develop, they see that all languages are included in each other. And when the souls reach their common development, then all languages are combined into one.

Each person develops in his own style. For example, especially at the beginning of my journey I was closest to the language of Kabbalah, a clear physical and mathematical language with drawings, gradations, and definitions. Scientific language was the most reliable for me.

And then comes the language of feelings, a narrative language, like in the TANAKH: Torah, Prophets, and Holy Scriptures. It is a literary language on which you overlay your impressions.

Then the judicial-legal language joins it, when you are already talking about the fact that there is a measure of mercy and judgment that governs a person like two reins.

And then comes the language of legends, the most difficult, confusing, and allegorical, with hints. But on the other hand, in these legends, each word expresses some kind of tremendous impression. And when you become involved in it, that is, you reach the spiritual level of the author, you simply become involved in the fairy tale.

This is reality, but it is so capacious, rich, and impressive, just a fairy tale!
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #14

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