Chipization Is Not Scary For Us

628.2Question: Nowadays, passions about chipization are raging: There is a fear that implantation of chips will begin in order to track where a person is, with whom he meets, and so on. Sooner or later they will start doing this. What exactly are people afraid of? First, this certainly limits and kills a person’s freedom. You become completely controlled. Second, who will get hold of it?

How do you feel about this phenomenon?

Answer: Let us think this way: What is there for us to hide, after all?

Remark: But you will not deny that a person has a personal life, a family.

My Comment: But what can be private in this family? That I take care of my wife, my children, my grandchildren? What is so unnatural about that?

If I have good intentions, then, of course, sometimes they need to be hidden from someone, for example, from children, in order to ensure their correct gradual development. But in general, why should I be afraid?

Unless I steal, kill, cheat, plot evil against others, I am a normal person. Let everyone know everything about me.

But my relationship with the Creator—yes! No one can get into this, only the upper one.

And all the rest, that of animal nature—no problem!

Remark: But there are state secrets.

My Comment: Let the state take care of this, this is its business, and I have nothing to worry about. I feel free!

Question: It means I do not care?

Answer: No! This is not a devil-may-care attitude. I just understand that a man is a small animal who still must try to behave correctly. And to this extent, he has nothing to be ashamed of. And to the extent that he cannot behave correctly, there is also nothing to be ashamed of! Because it is his nature!

Remark: The second point is very important: I hide my actions. Figuratively speaking, here I steal, there I lied to someone, and I told the truth to someone else. This is my life, this is me.

My Comment: There is nothing special to hide. If everyone is calm about being open to others, the world will become cleaner.

Well, I lied a little somewhere, but this is my nature. I promised something to somebody, but did not keep my promise. It may be unpleasant, I may feel uncomfortable, but forgive me, do me a favor!

Remark: Can you imagine what kind of support you knock out from people who claim: “I never lie, I always tell the truth. I have always lived honestly.”

My Comment: How honestly? By what criteria?! If you take history books of any country, you will see that everything needs to be rewritten. But how? By another lie.

Everyone has their own view of the world—what it is like. That is, until we rise above egoism, we have nothing to worry about.

At the level of egoism, everything is a lie. And there is nothing to be ashamed of. Kabbalah says about this very simply: “Go to the Creator who created me.” Do you have any complaints against me? Go to Him, He created me, that is why I act this way.

And then the second question arises: He created you that way and told you to stay that way, or can you change yourself? If you can change yourself, then you should already be ashamed of the opportunities that you have in order to become a person responsible for yourself, but you do not use them. But even on this score there are some exemptions, some leeway: “Well, what can I do? It is the environment, and so on.”

But still, the most important thing is to be honest so that we do not lie to ourselves! This is gradually becoming possible. A person becomes cleaner, more straightforward. This is called “the truth.”

And if not—let them stick chips anywhere. But this is not a correction.

The point is that, whether we want it or not, nature, the Creator, will press us in this respect. And we suddenly find ourselves with all sorts of chips, not even knowing where and how we have swallowed them. We have got them under our skin, as they say, and those who need it know everything about us. Here is “big brother,” do not worry, he knows everything.

Question: That is, we will get to this state?

Answer: I think it practically exists already.

Question: You suggest that we simply change our attitude toward this and that is it?

Answer: No, it is not just changing attitudes. It means to change ourselves! And then I do not care what they think of me. Let them poke around.

It is important for me to change myself in such a way that without any chips I would stay naked in front of the Creator. I need to feel it! And act accordingly.

Remark: But I still need to understand that the Creator exists.

My Comment: The Creator is a common force of nature that forces us to be human beings! That is, to act not for our own sake, but for everybody’s sake.

Question: The virus that has spread now is, as it were, an accelerator leading precisely to this understanding?

Answer: Yes. It is He who makes the first “chipization.”

Question: Who chips us? In whose hands am I? Okay, the Creator—this still needs to be dealt with. But some evil person who has bad intentions, who wants to rule me and the whole world—that is what people are afraid of.

Answer: But the Creator stands above him as well. So why should I even consider some kind of governing, guarding, dictating body? Why should I think about it? I have a connection with the Creator.

Question: Do you suggest that a person go through the authority of this world and immediately turn to the one who rules the world?

Answer: Of course! Why hang out at this level? After all, it is a swamp. Stop paying attention to them, in this you are free.

Question: Am I free to ignore people around me?

Answer: Not those around you, but those who allegedly control you. I do not feel that they suppress me! Freedom is an inner sensation. That is why I do not feel it.

Question: So you say we should undergo chipping with the Creator? It is He who chipped me.

Answer: Yes. I am connected with Him anyway. He is in me, in my every cell, in my nerves, in my feelings, and in my mind—in everything. He defines everything I feel. He defines everything I think, all my actions and decisions. I just need to reveal this—how I act so that He acts in me.

Remark: If possible, can you give a simple piece of advice to an ordinary person about chipping, loss of freedom, and who controls him.

My Comment: Live quietly and seek the Creator in yourself, how He is inside you, how He acts, works, and controls you, and how you should relate to Him in that.

The Creator is the general, upper force of nature.

Question: And what does it demand of me?

Answer: That you take into account that you are a small part of this force that cares about all of nature. That is, you treat everyone and everything with this awareness.

Question: And how should I relate to my environment, to those close to me?

Answer: As to one general, integral mechanism, which is benevolent to all its parts, and operates according to the same scheme—love for one’s neighbor, in one direction.

Question: And then I will not be afraid of any chipization?

Answer: It is not scary anyway.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/20/20

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