How We Perceive The World

761.2The most important thing in our life is to check how I perceive the work, how subjective it is. After all, I build it with my qualities, my feelings, my understanding, many of which I inherited from the past, perhaps distant-distant centuries.

That is why I have to rise above the natural, automatic, instinctive perception of the world and try to analyze the picture of the world consciously, controllably. Can I create it by changes in myself?

And then, very interesting results are obtained. It turns out that the world does not have its own picture, its own kind, but we create it.

The thing is that we have some common impressions about the world we live in. This picture is perceived by everyone practically equally, we have a common agreement on what the world is.

We live in a certain volume, which is drawn by us as if existing beyond us. Actually, it is inside of us, since we depict it in our inner qualities. In such a way, we see these qualities as if from outside, but in fact, it is just pictures passing in us.

According to Kabbalah, this is an ordinary picture of the world. But we have the opportunity to get out of it and begin to explore the world not in our natural organs of sensation, but in the quality opposite to them.

All our feelings are our egoistic desires. That is, I always check how I can benefit as much as possible from this or that particular circumstance, and in this way I judge it. And even if I try to rise above my subjective assessment, I nonetheless cannot completely get out of it, but only add some additional parameters to this.

But methodology exists that allows us to see reality not in our egoistic organs of sensation, but in the opposite ones, by making them altruistic. And then, we attain the opposite world, in which we can reveal completely new patterns, qualities, forces, laws. In principle, Kabbalah engages in them.
From KabTV’s “Together about the Main Thing” 9/2/18

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